REVIEW: Decade – Pleasantries


Bath-based alternative quintet Decade are back with their second album Pleasantries. Over the course of just five years, the band have managed to achieve numerous festival line ups including Slam Dunk Festival, Reading & Leeds Festival and Download Festival. As well as releasing two EPs and their debut album, they have toured with the likes of A Day To Remember and The Used. Check out our review of their upcoming album!

The first track, ‘Human Being, starts off with gentle guitar picking and a strong bass line before introducing us to the soft, mesmerising vocals. The chorus ramps the rhythm up a notch with heavier guitar, and we also hear for the first time the vocal range that Alex Sears has with great ease. It’s a catchy, punchy song to start and really gets you into it.

‘Daisy May’ displays creative and impressive musicality, with it’s upbeat, contagious tempo. The riffs that are hidden between the chords throughout make it an interesting listen, but everything compliments each other gracefully. ‘Turn Off Your TV’ has already been released to the world, and it’s a stellar tune. The lyrics talk about the digital age, how we’re all guilty to being consumed by social media, technology, and being sucked into TV programmes – and how we all do it, and that it’s okay! But it’s a solid reminder that living in the moment is, for the most part, much better.

There’s a softer approach to ‘Wasted’, with stunning vocals throughout the verses, but the chorus takes a stronger, darker turn and turns on an addictive melody. It’s a great song to rock out to, especially towards the end – plus it’s good to hear some bass guitar having it’s moment!

‘Brand New Again’, another single, uses experimental guitar to prove the talent these guys have with a song most people could relate to, speaking of leaving home and wanting to move somewhere else and “feel brand new again“.

Nearing the end of the album with ‘Geistis full of heartfelt lyrics and perfected harmonies. We also are greeted with a long-awaited guitar solo as the song draws to a close. The final track, ‘Capsules’ is the softest of the lot. It finishes Pleasantries with a bang as the song picks up and strong lyrics are belted out.

Nostalgic and full of passion, Pleasantries is a strong album that really shows what Decade can offer to the music industry. We’re looking forward to what else they can bring in the future!

Pleasantries by Decade is released on 24th February via Rude Records. 


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