REVIEW: All Them Witches – Sleeping Through The War


Unabashed and unrestricted, All Them Witches have no strings to hold them down with the release of latest album Sleeping Through the War. Slamming societal issues in amongst ditzy, dreamy melodies and crunching guitar riffs, this is record that doesn’t pull its punches.

With Sleeping Through the War, we’re taken by the hand and guided through this ethereal world that seems to drift and glide with ease. The gentle opener of ‘Bulls’ has the nostalgic twinkle of The Verve, while ‘Don’t Bring Me Coffee’ and ‘Alabaster’ have the comforting glow of familiar American blues tones. We’re almost transported by the hazy warmth of the album to a lazy river of subconscious flow. It’s satisfying.

Grinding us back to this planet with a bump, however, is the harsher reality of Sleeping Through the War. It’s obvious that, like most of as, All Them Witches are disgruntled with the world right now and burying their heads in the sand is not an option. If the frustrated musicality in ‘3-5-7’ and fuzzy rock undertones in ‘Bruce Lee’ isn’t enough vent their desperate disappointment, the downbeat topicality of finale ‘Internet’ puts the final nail in the coffin.

It’s a slow burner but, somewhere in between the sleepy shoe-gaze and drowsy dream-rock, Sleeping Through the War is fighting talk from All Them Witches.

Sleeping Through the War by All Them Witches is out on 24th February via New West Records.


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