8 Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Working in the Music Industry

From the outside, working in the music industry might just seem like some of the best jobs in the world. And, for the most part, they are! But don’t be fooled by the rock ‘n’ roll; this industry comes with plenty of pitfalls, and we’re sure anyone who has dabbled in the music industry will recognise some of these…

1. When you first start to network with other musos and realise that almost everyone is just trying to seem as cool as possible, and you desperately need to step up your game.

almost famous 1.gif

Image: giphy.com

2. When people think you’re just a gushing fan so they don’t let you where you need to be, even when you show them your pass, ID card, equipment, email inbox, birth certificate…

hermione gif.gif

Image: glee.wikia.com

3. … Especially if you’re a woman, which then means having to embarrassingly explain that no, you don’t want to have sex with the band and yes, you do actually work here. For the fifteenth time.

penny lane gif.gif

Image: giphy.com

4. How people react when you accidentally let slip that *shock horror* you like something that OTHER PEOPLE LIKE AS WELL.

marshall gif.gif

Image: giphy.com

5. When you FINALLY get your hands on that merch deal/exclusive interview/coffee meeting you’ve been lowkey hunting out for the past six months and you are NOT letting anyone else get in on it.

friends monica gif.gif

Image: gownboutiqueofcharleston.com

6. That slightly depressing moment when you realise how much of your own money you’re gonna have to sink into the industry before you even start to get a sniff of it back.

office gif 1.gif

Image: wigglegif.com

7. When someone only starts talking to you because they found out you might actually know some interesting people that could be useful to them.

move along gif.gif

Image: tenor.com

8. But, even though there’s a lot of wading through bullshit, it’s all worth it when you find that new amazing band to fall in love with and remember why you started working here in the first place…

spongebob gif.gif

Image: tenor.com



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