REVIEW: Peace In Chaos – The Final Clause Of Tacticus


Remember the nineties? Well, I personally don’t, as I wasn’t born until 1994, so spent the most part of the nineties not doing anything very memorable (in my personal opinion anyway). However, whenever you talk to anyone who lived through the nineties, it would appear that just short of it being a time period in which all ice cream is free, it was pretty much god damn perfect in ever way. The Fresh Prince was on the TV and Rage Against The Machine and Red Hot Chili Peppers were funking all over the radio.

Why those two bands in particular? Well, with today’s offering, to say that particular duo of groups played a strong influence on the sounds rolling forth from my speakers would be somewhat of an understatement. A bit like saying that bears are Catholic and the Pope defecates in the woods.

I have a feeling I may have mixed things up a bit there, but you get my drift.

The Final Clause Of Tacticus are without a doubt, very funky indeed. Not James Brown levels of funky (so far this standard of funky has only been met by Mr. Brown himself), but packing plenty of punch, particularly within the first half of the record, Peace In Chaos, and even more particularly on opening track ‘7 Years‘, a piece that takes it’s inspiration heavily from Rage’s own offering that is ‘Guerilla Radio‘, albeit it two decades later. We say ‘heavily inspired’, but things do come perilously close to edging into the realms of ‘copying’ at certain moments, but just managing to pull itself back enough to avoid falling down that pit!

It’s an EP of two halves, promptly changing pace directly in the middle of the six tracks to hear. Ditching the rap-rock anger and taking on a new take on the classic ‘Blood Sugar Sex Magik‘ vibes. It is in the second half that the group thrive, with the vocals that sounded a little too laid back for the more aggressive rap sneerings required for the opening numbers coming into their own and sounding rather bloody good, we must say! Those who like their rock with some sleazy, sexy grooves are in for a treat and in all honest, we were pretty blown away by the results. Particularly the slap based filled pleasures that pleasured our ear holes on ‘Snake Town‘… We’re still trying to recover from just how gorgeous that was!


If what comes next stays more on the funk-rock path, we think that these guys could fill a gap that has been left gaping for all too long.



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