REVIEW: Vukovi – Vukovi


Devilishly playful and effervescent with energy, Scottish rock quartet Vukovi are hurtling down from the Highlands with screeching riffs, chaotic melodies and a powerhouse front-woman, all wrapped up in their self-titled debut.

Vukovi’s manic freewheeling that sees each track tumble into the next with very little grace, opting instead for riotous ferocity, sends our heads spinning as we attempt desperately to keep up. Even from album opener ‘La Di Da’ we are met by an insatiable fizz that jitters with excitable, raw energy.  There is something wickedly indulgent about this record; like Harley Quinn in music form, ‘And He Lost His Mind’ is a bit naughty, a bit fun, but definitely dangerous. We feel that even more with ‘I’m Wired’ which feels like it is, literally, wired, with a pulsing rave vibe and frantic tension, always on the edge.

Luring us away from the playful giggles of the album are sincerely darker moments; ‘Weirdo’, for example, has a suave, throbbing groove, while ‘Prey’ has the moody, curious charm of a seedy underground club whose dim lights and questionable characters actually have some sense of allure and intrigue. There is a haunting vulnerability towards the album’s close, with the soft crashes of ‘Colour Me In’ and the gorgeous, almost isolated vocals of ‘He Wants Me Not’.

Vukovi is a sparkling debut from a diamond of a band, but don’t mistake this lot for elegance and luxury; this is a grubby, violent, honest record that shows the most exciting side of one of the UK’s freshest bands.

Vukovi by Vukovi is available on 10th March via LAB Records.


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