REVIEW: William Control – Revelations Part 2 ‘The Black’


Back in October, you may remember that William Control released his first of four EPs to complete the long-awaited album Revelations. He has now returned with the second EP of the collection The Black.

In the theme of the digital age, the first track ‘Analog Flesh In A Digital World’ is full of electronic synth and his familiar deep voice complimenting the sounds. With this being the most upbeat song on the EP, it’s a song you could dance to in some dark, underground London club.

‘All I Need’ is next up with it’s strong, bouncy beat. This ear-worm of a chorus is short but unbelievably catchy while still keeping within the dark and mysterious vibe that William’s music seems to behold.

‘Knife Play’ starts with an ’80s vibe, which we definitely aren’t complaining about! The tempo is noticeably slower than previous songs, but still remains strong. The EP ends on a much slower, perhaps even ballad-style song ‘Velvet Rose’, as it starts off with chords on a piano. This song displays William Control’s charming and delicate vocals throughout. It’s a completely different take musically compared to the rest of the EP, but it’s good to hear some variety.

Overall, this is a polished EP which continues the part one of Revelations well. Ending on a slower song compared to the up-tempo beats is leaving us on a cliff-hanger, so we definitely can’t wait to hear what the next EP in the series sounds like!

Revelations Part 2 – The Black by William Control is out now.


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