REVIEW: Provoker – The Long Defeat

provoker ep

Portsmouth five-piece Provoker are releasing their self-produced debut EP The Long Defeat. Made up of many talents, these guys have joined forces to create a seriously heavy, explosive sound.

The EP kicks off with ‘Admission’, and it definitely doesn’t hold back! It starts off with a strong riff, powerful drum beats and raw, screaming vocals from the two vocalists, giving us the huge benefit of overlapping screams and belting vocals. The half time drumming incorporated with high chords gives head-banging splits to the song.

‘Solitary’ takes the tempo down a little, but the energy is still high. The breakdowns get those neck hairs tingling, especially when the end of the song lingers with electronic sounds for almost a minute. ‘Accountable’ takes a similar approach, going full-pelt into the hard-hitting chords, bass drums and melting vocals. The chorus is a stand-out moment, finishing off with some gentle guitar picking and distortion.

We get a little intro with ‘Adopt_Adapt’, met with more singing and less screaming at the beginning; either way, the vocals compliment very well. The riffs are strong, and with two guitarists they are able to overlap chords and riffs to make a more complex sound, which really works in their favour. The EP concludes with ‘Empty’, starting off with a fast drum fill before getting into the song. It’s filled with harsh and throaty vocals, before slowing right down to introduce the guitar melodies which will gradually end the EP.

Overall, Provoker have produced a great debut EP in The Long Defeat. They have clearly found their sound and know what kind of music they want to create. There’s room for progression with their music in the future, but we think they are just warming us up for what is next to come.

The Long Defeat by Provoker is out 6th March via self-release.


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