REVIEW: Taco Hell – Retainer


Nottingham quartet Taco Hell are about to release their sophomore EP Retainer in just a few short days. The band, who describes themselves as “Notts based dreamo-punx” may seem like a crew to take rather lightly, but don’t be fooled by their comical name—and the even more comical reason behind it: “The funny name is to cover up the sadness”. These Nottingham emo punks are loaded with giant, uplifting hooks and catchy punk melodies

Retainer kicks off with the 25-second firecracker ‘My Mother Wouldn’t Approve’. The short, yet disorientating punk track opens with vocalist Joe Booker shouting “I don’t really like people / but I have to speak to them” –something we can all relate to. Am I right?

And we were obviously curious about ‘Palaeontology (Happy Birthday David Schwimmer)’ because we were born in the 90s and Friends rules. Luckily, the track is just as good as its name. Bassist Eleanor Parkinson takes the lead on vocals for this vibrant, upbeat track, giving it a delicate indie-rock vibe.

‘Baby Teeth’ is another homerun with its bouncy, optimistic hooks and the energetic vocal duet of Joe Booker and Eleanor Parkinson. Elsewhere, punchy riffs and passionate, distressing vocals are the main focus of ‘Hold The Door’.

Taco Hell’s Retainer will be released on cassette—but don’t worry, you can get it digitally on their Bandcamp page too. All sales from their digital pre-orders will be donated to Right to Remain, who fight deportation in the UK.  

Retainer by Taco Hell will be released March 10th via Circle House Records


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