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mallory knox

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Ahead of the release of their latest album Wired, we were lucky enough to attend Gibson Brands Studio in London last Friday night and spend time with the wonderful Mallory Knox. The Cambridge rockers treated fans to an intimate five-song acoustic set consisting of songs off their upcoming album Wired, before holding a very entertaining and honest Q&A session with fans lucky enough to attend the event. Here’s what happened..


Q: What’s your favourite video game?
Mikey: Who’s that directed to?
Sam: Everybody… That’s what a Q&A is…
Mikey: Oh yeah, I know, I’m just doing the short version because 90% of it will be Fifa
(Person in the crowd shouts out): Fifa’s shit!
Mikey: RESPECT, MY BROTHER, RESPECT! I’m just standing up for gamer’s rights everywhere. Fifa is not a real game.
James: Do you know what my favourite game is? The Last of Us.
Mikey: Good answer! David?
Dave: Far Cry 4!
Sam: SkyRim
Mikey: Halo. Does anyone play Halo? See, that guy gritted his teeth and everything. He loves it.

Q: Favourite band, other than yourself?
Dave: Underoath
James: These three don’t know what real music is, that’s the problem.
Sam: Yeah but mate, you’re the prick in the band with us three so…
James: I struggle through, that’s why I left halfway through the set.
Mikey: I don’t really have a favourite band. I like lots of different bands. I guess my original, like the band that gave me a lot of ‘thing’ when I was younger was Linkin Park.
James: Didn’t you once put a video up on Facebook of a piece of bark singing? Like genuinely, that’s the sort of shit he listens to.
Mikey: It was tree rings, and it was interesting! I don’t sit there listening to it thinking “Oh yeah, this is my jam…”. Yeah, anyway, let’s go with Linkin’ Park.

Q: If you could tour with any band in the world, who would it be?
Joe: Oasis.
Mikey: James, what about you?
James: Errrmm… Well I got my dream when we toured with Reckless Love. Has anyone heard of Reckless Love?
Mikey: They’re… really nice guys. Really nice guys. That’s all I’ll say.
Sam: Dave, what about you?
Dave: I don’t know.
Sam: What do you mean you don’t know?
Dave: Come back to me, come back to me, I gotta think it through.
Sam: Mine would have to be Blink. Mikey, don’t say Linkin Park
Mikey: I’m not gonna say Linkin Park. Mine would 100% have to be Paramore I think.

Q: What’s your favourite song to play live?
Mikey: That’s a good question!
Sam: Well I think with the new album, we haven’t done it yet obviously, but I think with this new album it’s kind of meant to be played live, and I hope that kind of comes across when the album comes out. You’ve got songs like ‘Lucky Me’, ‘Wired’, ‘California’; I think they’re gonna end up being my favourite songs to play. Other than that, I think I’d say out of the songs we’ve released at this point, probably ‘Dying To Survive’ is pretty fun. ‘She Took Him To The Lake’, that’s just, yeah.
Joe: I like ‘Dare You’. ‘Dare You’ is good.
James: I like ‘When Are We Waking Up’. ‘Getaway’?
Sam: Dave really likes ‘1949’
Mikey: I like the ones where you guys go a bit crazy so maybe something like ‘Death Rattle’. That’s always fun.

Q: Who is your hero?
Joe: Noel Gallagher
Mikey: Dave?
Sam: Oh don’t ask him questions or he’ll kick off again. Look at him! He’s fucking fuming!
James: It’s past Dave’s bedtime!
Dave: I haven’t got one. I’m my own hero. I’m a hero.
James: What’s your special ability, Dave?
Dave: Errrmmm.. Brute strength. Definitely not public speaking.
Sam: Probably Mark Hoppus.
Mikey: I’m gonna have to be a really soppy bastard and say my actual dad! Damn right. Yeah, he’s just the bomb. Next question before it gets too emotional.

Q: If you could have any band support you on tour, who would it be?
(Crowd shouts out): As It Is! PVRIS!
Sam: As It Is are good, PVRIS are good..
James: We’re trying to support PVRIS, that’s the sort of level PVRIS are at.
Joe: This tour, Lonely The Brave and FatherandSon are actually two of our favourite bands in the UK right now. It’s great for us to be able to bring them up.
Mikey: Bring back the reanimated corpse of Michael Jackson or something. Although I think that might overshadow the headline slot.
James: We could co-headline. We could flip-flop.
Mikey: MJ, MK…
Sam: We could even share one of the letters with him, and save on some money.

Q: Worst band you’ve toured with?
Sam: He wants the goss…
Joe: We don’t wanna out-people. We did Warped Tour, and there is a lot of shit on Warped Tour. Basically just walk through Warped Tour for 5 minutes and you’ll hear the worst bands we have ever toured with.
Mikey: Disclaimer; not ALL of them; before that gets quoted by all of the members of the press at the back. “Mallory Knox thinks all of Warped Tour is shit!”
Sam: What was that band we played with at Barfly and they wouldn’t strike drum-kit?
Sam: Yeah we played Barfly and you know how small the stage is in Barfly? You strike your drum-kit, and there’s no fucking room, but we literally had to play practically on the floor. I mean, come on! And the… I’m gonna go on a rant about them now, and the fucking guitarist kept trying to make a move on my girlfriend at the time!
Mikey: On a serious note though, we’ve had some incredible touring experiences with so many different people! The reason it was hard to make a decision is because generally we got on so well with everyone.

Q: Favourite song off of the new album?
Sam: To record there’s two for me, ‘Savior’ ‘cause we didn’t demo that song. We went in with like a complete blank canvas, which was exciting because we didn’t know how the fuck it was gonna turn out. We literally shoved Joe in front of this amp in the live room, turned it up to 10, and he had to have these fucking headphones on…
James: We turned it up to 11!
Sam: That’s how we got that feedback noise, we kind of wanted to give it like this live feel, and that was fun to watch. There’s a song called ‘Mother’, which is the last track on the album. When we recorded the album we gave ourselves a month ‘cause we took 4 months on Asymmetry, and it was too long, it was too long. This album needed a month, to try and get a certain vibe from the album. ‘Mother’ we started in the first week because we knew it was gonna be the song that would cause us problems as we were recording. I sung my part about 30 times, like sung it softly, sung it harder, with a bit of spit and a bit venom; so much shit went into it! I don’t know about you boys?
James: Yeah took forever to get right, didn’t it? We literally kept coming back to that one. I remember sitting in the live room, and we were so stressed about it. Once we got it right it was probably the most satisfying mix we got, and it’s the closer on the album. That’s a big song for us.
Mikey: ‘Saviour’ was the one for me. Sometimes you have these fantastic creative moments in a recording process. At the studio we were in, and I’m sure a lot of you have seen photos of this beautiful mansion, country estate type thing we were in, but at like 1 o’clock or 2 o’clock in the morning, it was the end of a really long day, I remember Joe being stood in the live room just hammering out these fantastic sounds, and it was just sort of like the icing on top of the cake that we’d been working on all day; It really created this phenomenal kind of experience. In the writing room a lot of the time you get this universal smile when we realise something is sick, and the same thing happened in that moment. It was really special so definitely ‘Saviour’ for me.

mallory knox wire

Mallory Knox finished the evening with a special full playback of the upcoming album Wired, all whilst the boys took time to chat with fans, sign merchandise, and pose for pictures. On first listen, Wired is full of raw aggression at times, very different in that sense from their previous work, while managing to keep the relatable, beautiful lyrics, and empowering, anthem-like feel of their music that Mallory Knox fans have grown to adore. Initially the title track ‘Wired’ caught our attention, as well as ‘For You’ and ‘California’ but to be quite honest, we think Mallory Knox fans are going to be very impressed with this album. Their UK tour in March and April is not one you’re going to want to miss.

Wired by Mallory Knox is released on 10th March via RCA Records.


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