REVIEW: The Dollyrots – Whiplash Splash

dollyrots album

Upbeat punk rockers The Dollyrots are back with their sixth album Whiplash Splash. They’ve already got a UK following from touring with the likes of Bowling For Soup, but as it’s been a couple of years since they’re last release, we’re pretty glad they’re back on the scene! With genuine positivity bursting out of the pair, we’re excited to hear what they’re bringing to the table.

The album kicks off with ‘I Do’, radiating their lively and addictive sound, filled with uplifting guitar riffs guaranteed to leave you singing along all the day, that’s for sure! ‘Babbling Idiot’ showcases Kelly Ogden’s haunting yet sweet voice throughout the verses and, lyrically, we’re sure plenty of girls out there can relate.

‘Mermaid’ has a personal touch, expressing the love this duo share for the water, a fitting metaphor for the way they split their time between coastal states Florida and Los Angeles, and acoustic number ‘This Addiction’ continues this more sensitive, honest side, although it keeps a similar vibe to the rest of the record and maintains the energy. However, the opening bass riff of ‘Saturday Morning’ is back to that pop-rock fun, differing from other songs with a slight rapping section that you just can’t help but love!

‘Dance Like A Manic’ kicks the energy up a notch, with its infectious early punk-rock vibe. The lyrics are simple and repetitive, meaning you end up knowing them by heart after two repeats. ‘Jump Start This Heart’ is a stand-out on this album, being the slowest on the record. Filled with heartfelt lyrics that you can belt out in your living room with no fear, you’ll feel like you’re starring in an ’80s classic rock music video.

The album is drawn to a close with a cover of ‘Walking on Sunshine’, which we think sums up the feeling of The Dollyrots completely; they’ve got happiness bursting from the seams!

The Dollyrots’ music may not be for everyone, but for those who like their music with a drop of sunshine, it’s uplifting and sure to put a smile on your face. As far as we’re concerned, that’s exactly what the world needs right now. The Dollyrots are a band that definitely need to be included in your ‘Ready for Summer’ playlist, and you’ll have no regrets!

Whiplash Splash by The Dollyrots is out 24th March via Arrested Youth Records.



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