5 New Bands You Should Check Out at Slam Dunk Festival This Year

This year’s Slam Dunk Festival line-up is looking incredible, especially following last week’s latest announcement. Here at Drop This, we thought we’d recommend 5 bands it would be well worth checking out if you’re lucky enough to have a ticket.

Fort Hope


Image: Official Facebook

Fort Hope are a band who have been tipped by many for big things following their “Best British Newcomer” nomination at 2015’s Kerrang! Awards. Former My Passion members Jon Gaskin, Jamie Nicholls, and Simon Rowlands, created Fort Hope in 2013 and have been gaining momentum ever since. The boys are blessed with talent in abundance, with lead singer Gaskin as comfortable behind a piano as he is at delivering sweet riffs on a guitar. Their is an almost-theatrical feel to their sound at times, but don’t think that means their set won’t cause a few mosh pits across the three days. Having supported the likes of Mallory Knox on tour, embarked on headline tours of their own, and festival appearances include Download, Reading & Leeds, and Slam Dunk, they are no strangers to the stage. Despite their history, Fort Hope still feel very fresh to the scene and are sure to gain greater recognition and attention sooner rather than later.

Boston Manor

boston manor

Image: PR

Blackpool’s five-piece Boston Manor released their debut full-length album in September 2016 and have caused quite a stir since doing so. Currently touring with Moose Blood across America and Canada, Boston Manor will be embarking on a UK headline tour in May culminating in their appearances at Slam Dunk. Boston Manor’s future in the pop-punk genre looks to be a bright one, with a sound that beautifully incorporates the best of both the pop genre, and the punk genre, which can be a difficult balance to maintain for many bands making their move on the scene.



Image: Official Facebook

If you’re wise enough to check out the emerging talent that is Counterfeit at Slam Dunk Festival, you might recognise lead-singer and guitarist Jamie Campbell Bower. Bower is no stranger to the public eye following roles in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, and The Twilight Sega, but acting appears to only be the tip of his talents. Accompanied by Tristan Marmot on guitar, Roland Johnson on bass, Sam Bower on guitar, and  Jimmy Craig on drums, the London based five-piece released their debut album earlier this month. Their punk sound can be dark, their punk sound can be aggressive, and their punk sound doesn’t pull any punches, but it’s definitely a set that you want to catch at Slam Dunk.

Black Foxxes

black foxxes

Image: Official Facebook

Bursting at the seams with grunge, emo nostalgia, and rawness, Black Foxxes 2016 debut album I’m Not Well was a breath of fresh air to the rock scene. Formed in Exeter, childhood friends Mark Holley, Tristan Jane, and Ant Thornton have been gaining recognition at a rapid rate in recent years, including sets at both Download Festival, and Reading & Leeds Festival. That recognition they have been gaining has been for a very good reason, and those who are unfortunately unfamiliar to them won’t be for much longer.

Oceans Ate Alaska

oceans ate alaska.jpg

Hardcore outfit Oceans Ate Alaska from Birmingham take their name from a tsunami which devastated the Alaskan coastline back in 1958, and we predict quite the storm at Slam Dunk this year. The band are sure to have festival-goers moshing, head-banging, and screaming across the 3 dates, with a wave of heavy, brutal, hardcore rock. If you’re looking for something new and a little heavier at Slam Dunk, Oceans Ate Alaska could be one of the hidden gems this year.


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