Check Out The Bands We Think Should Have Their Own Festivals!

Animated alt-band Gorillaz have announced news of their own festival, Demon Dayz. The one-day fest is set to take place on the 10th June in Margate’s Dreamland amusement park. The band hasn’t played a show since 2010, so they’re definitely returning to the stage with a bang!

gorillaz demon dayz fest

Image: Promo

Obviously this announcement is wonderful news for Gorillaz fans everywhere—It’s also just flat out cool. But the news really got us thinking about the festivals we’d like to see. Come on, we’d all love to have our favourite bands put on a rad amusement-park-bound festival. And although we had a list as long as our arms, we narrowed it down to our favourite 4!

Blink-182The pop punk fest

There’s no way we’d do a “who we’d like to see do anything” feature and not have blink-182 in it!

We’d love to see these pop punk legends put on the world’s first and only pop punk extravaganza! Pizza, skateboarding, Dickies shorts, the works!! And they can bring the whole 90s crew: Sum 41, Simple Plan, New Found Glory, Bowling For Soup and any and every other pop punk band that exudes the 90s! We’ll even throw in some tattoo chokers and ’90s Nickelodeon playing in between sets for good measure!

AerosmithThe “classic rock” fest

The bad boys from Boston would throw one killer festival—and we can’t even tell you how sad it makes us that they are about to embark on their final run of European shows. We’d love to see Aerosmith play host to their rock n roll buds at the biggest and coolest rock festival anyone has ever seen. There’s no doubt that there will be massive amounts of dirty, long hair, floral scarfs, and leather. Just imagine the whole cast of ‘The Decline Of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years’ running/producing and performing at a festival. Dream fest!

Dashboard ConfessionalThe emo fest

No one does delicate emo quite like Dashboard Confessional. The band and co (Say Anything, Jimmy Eat World, Something Corporate, Lifehouse, The Ataris etc) would literally have you sitting on a patch of muddy grass crying with your iPhone torch in your hand. The official sponsors for this fest would be Ben & Jerry’s and Kleenex!

Panic! At The DiscoThe pop rock drama fest

We all know Panic! love the theatrical, so we have no doubt that a Panic! festival would be non-stop mayhem. We can imagine theatre performers accompanying Panic!’s onstage antics, as well as circus performers, and outrageous, mountain-high alcoholic concoctions. And we’d 100% expect Brendon Urie’s top hat from ‘I Write Sins Not Tragedies’ to make an appearance!


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