REVIEW: Catch Fire – A Love That I Still Miss

catch fire ep

Nottingham based pop-punks Catch Fire are releasing their sophomore EP A Love That I Still Miss in just a few days. With eight songs on this EP, they really have packed it with content that portrays their musicality. This quintet of pop-punks create music filled with intricate riffs and catchy melodies.

The EP’s instrumental introduction in ‘Poise’ sets the vibe for the material to come. The riffs are harmonised to create a more diverse sound, and it’s a great opening. It continues with punchy track ‘Curfew’, which is where we hear the smooth vocals of Miles Kent for the first time. The chorus is uplifting and catchy, muddled up with gentle guitar picking and soft vocals before bursting in to raw screams, showcasing the skills that Catch Fire possess.

‘Lucid’, just over a minute in length, is exploding with emotion, with tender guitar and gut-wrenching, heartfelt vocals. ‘Reality’ bumps the energy up a notch with hard-hitting chords, while the momentum continues yet again with single ‘Guilty As Charged’, with it’s punchy riffs and powerful drums, joined by sincere lyrics.

‘Thin Ice’ is full of sophisticated guitar and tempo changes throughout, making for an interesting listen. The EP draws to a close with another slow-paced instrumental, haunting us with a ghostly vibes and eerie piano melodies.

Catch Fire have created an EP filled with emotion and raw talent. A Love That I Still Miss is a solid release that deserves worthy recognition, and we have no doubts that they will receive it.

A Love That I Still Miss by Catch Fire will be released March 24th via Rude Records.


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