REVIEW: Trigon – Fed Up


It’s a bold statement to declare that your band proves that “Rock & Roll ain’t dead” and that your album “would make Lemmy proud“. Possibly the boldest statement to have been stated since Kanye West declared himself the world’s greatest living rockstar…  

Trigon have said just that about their new album Fed Up, but does their ten track offering live up to the hype they have bestowed upon it? Well, to be totally honest, no, not quite.

Opening up with a 21 second intro that has just a touch too much ’80s cheese to it, debuting track ‘Talk To Me‘ has a certain bombast to it, pretty much setting the tone of everything else that follows. The band say that there music is for fans of Misfits, but the sounds spilling out of the speakers are far more in the ball park of their old frontman Danzig‘s solo work, but with more guitar solos. My oh my, is there a lot of guitar solos! 

Now don’t get us wrong, we love a good solo and the wails and shreds on offer here are top notch but, in many places, they feel not entirely vital to the song at hand. Tracks that, had they been slightly shortened, would be far more poignant and driven, tend to drift on for just that bit too long. In a live show we see how this could work, as Trigon sounds like a band who mean business when they hit the stage, but on a studio album release, the magic just isn’t there.

The musicianship on show is top standard, particularly the aforementioned six string work-outs. Tracks like such as mid-way stomper ‘Apocalypse‘ and closing number ‘Nightmare‘ see the trio at their riff-roaring best and thanks to that we feel that, given a little more time and a little more experience as a band, the album that follows this admirable release could be the one that backs up the claims discussed at the start of this writing.


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