REVIEW: Diet Cig – Swear I’m Good At This

diet cig

Peppy pop rock duo Diet Cig are about to flutter into our lives with the release of their debut album Swear I’m Good At This, a delightful little ditty that fills our hearts with joy and our minds with nostalgic, youthful fun, all whilst giving us a cheeky wink and poking out its tongue.

It’s a somewhat unfortunate yet inevitable truth that women in alternative music are forced into ‘flying the flag’, whether they set out to or not. They become automatically looked upon as role models for whatever reason, and we’re sure that Diet Cig vocalist Alex Luciano has, or will, experience this. But instead of focusing on, shock horror, a woman fronting a rock band (!!!), let’s celebrate the vast range of influences on this album from a whole load of talented, inspirational artists, including Luciano herself. For example, ‘Bite Back’ has the gutsy, bubbly tones of ‘90s feminine rock, like Gwen Steffani hitting up a teen movie soundtrack. ‘Link in Bio’, similarly, is like spunky attitude disguised with a Disney bow, similar to that of Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino, while ‘Maid of the Mist’ jumps between soft Chrissy Costanza high notes and ‘80s synth, sounding almost like Blondie stumbling into the New Romantics. We’re ecstatic and enthused to hear so many nods to talented chicks from Diet Cig while making a truly unique album of their own.

That aside, there are an infinite number of other reasons to dig Swear I’m Good At This. It’s an endearing, charming, quirky record, full of zing and bite. ‘Sixteen’ is a gorgeously diary entry of a track with amusing, matter-of-fact lyrics, followed by the equally honest ‘Barf Day’ and ‘I Don’t Know Her’, the first feeling like the inner monologue of young adult coming-of-age, and the latter being more like a emotive love letter. Throwing in a fuzzy rock backdrop with hints of pop-punk edge makes for one badass debut.

It’s not easy to create something both uplifting and straight-shooting without falling into a dozen done-to-death cliches. Thankfully, Diet Cig have done just that, and we can’t express enough how much this refreshing debut is one seriously worth listening to.

Swear I’m Good At This by Diet Cig is released on 7th April via Frenchkiss Records.


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