REVIEW: Everyday Sidekicks – Hope

everyday sidekicks

Bristolian quartet Everyday Sidekicks are back, and they’re back with a bang. Hope is the post-hardcore outfit’s second release, following their debut EP The Things I’ve Seen. As well as recording this second EP, the boys have been busy wowing crowds while supporting the likes of Architects, Slaves, and Coldrain on tour.

Opening track ‘Glass House’ has a brilliant blend of hardcore vocals with a pop-punk melody to it, akin to the likes of A Day To Remember and Beartooth. The track is fast-paced, full of energy, but the powerful, hard-hitting lyrics regarding the loss of someone close to you aren’t lost amongst the sound.

Unlike Hope‘s previous track, ‘Bury Your Friends’ starts with a sombre, calm introduction before blossoming into the heavy, hardcore, brutal track it is. Bursting at the seams with emotion, this track is an explosion in your ears, but with real meaning.

‘Fracture’ immediately kicks off at 100mph, and rarely applies the brakes throughout. Its chorus, once again, has a subtle pop-punk feel to it, but the verses are hardcore, the guitar riffs are heavy and sick, and fans will undoubtedly enjoy this one live.

Hope‘s penultimate song ‘Lacuna’ is an instrumental track, and acts as a lull before the storm if you will. Gentle, emotive, and powerful, ‘Lacuna’ sets up the albums closing track perfectly. ‘Business Secrets Of The Pharaohs’ starts as it means to go on, with grit, darkness, and an unmistakable post-hardcore vibe. Lines such as “When will you learn from this?” and “Who the fuck do you think you are?” echo throughout the track, and reflect the rage and despair in the songs meaning.

Hope is an EP that reflects Everyday Sidekicks’ wish to be diverse in what they sing about, ranging from the loss of loved ones, to having hope that things will get better. The EP may be bursting with a post-hardcore vibe, but the meanings and lyrics of its tracks aren’t always belonging to that sound. As empowering as it is dark, Hope is an EP that will appeal to a wider audience than the post-hardcore scene alone.

Hope by Everyday Sidekicks is released on 31st March via self-release.


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