REVIEW: Happyness – Write In

happyness album

South London trio Happyness are back with a brand new album, Write In, and it’s everything we hoped it would be. Following the success of debut album Weird Little Birthday the boys returned to the same studio above a now-abandoned bookshop, and set to work on their sophomore release.

Up first on the album is ‘Falling Down’, a track that starts with a beautifully mellow instrumental intro, before Jon EE‘s and Benji Compston‘s vocals kick in and you’re already charmed before the record has even really got started. ‘The Reel Starts Again (Man As Ostrich)’ is next up on Write In, and they swap the synths of ‘Falling Down’ for a piano-led track this time around, but with the same unmistakeable charming vibe to it.

‘Anytime’ is a warm little number that has an infectious beat, a mellow sound, with a contrasting almost haunting feel to the vocals. ‘Through Windows’ is essentially impossible to not fall head over heels in love with. Its lyrics are soft, its sound is gentle, and its only downfall is that it unfortunately has to end.

‘Uptrends_ Style Raids’ kicks in with a guitar vide not too dissimilar to that of The Shadows, marking yet another style and influence on the record. ‘Bigger Glass Less Full’ is a pop pearl that is infectious and charming from its first second to its last. It has a feel to it that can’t help but put a smile on your face. ‘Victor Lazarro’s Heart’ slows things down a little, and highlights both the instrumental and vocal talents of Happyness. Write In doesn’t stay slow for too long, ‘Anna, Lisa Calls’ picks things back up again with yet another refreshing toe-tapper.

Write In‘s penultimate track ‘The C is A B A G’ is the epitome of the album; a beautifully mellow sound, contrasting lyrics, and all with an inviting warmth which makes you want to listen to it over, and over, again. ‘Tunnel Vision On Your Part’ is Write In‘s romantic closer, and has a slight Nick Cave feel to it. The lyrics and echoing vocals are at times emotive, and its sound has an air of melancholy surrounding it.

Write In is without a doubt one of the most charming albums you’ll hear this year. The album seamlessly changes it’s style from track-to-track, its wide ranging influences are clear, but the album maintains its warmth and almost surprisingly feel-good-factor throughout. Rest assured that once the album finishes, the only emotion you’ll feel is Happyness.

Write In by Happyness is released on 7th April via Moshi Moshi Records


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