LIVE: Mallory Knox / Lonely The Brave / Fatherson

Where: Koko, London
When: 6/04/17
Rating: 4/5



Image: Official Facebook

Up first on the bill are Scottish outfit Fatherson, and immediately the crowd realise they are watching a very talented, accomplished band performing. The opener is the title track of their sophomore release, Open Book, and the vocals of Ross Leighton are breathtaking. The boys’ set contains belters like ‘I Like Not Knowing’ and ‘Always’ which get the crowd warmed up for the rest of the evening in fine fashion. Their performance is an excellent start to the night, and we can’t wait to see more of Fatherson in the future.

Lonely The Brave

lonely the brave

Image: Promo

Next to take to the stage are Lonely The Brave, who are no strangers to the world of music after eight years as a band. ‘Black Mire’ opens, and the fans go crazy. As the set progresses with songs like ‘Dust and Bones’ and ‘Backroads’ there is absolutely no denying the talent and quality Lonely The Brave possess, sounding absolutely flawless. Guitarist Mark Trotter is clearly the charismatic front-man, while lead singer David Jakes takes a backseat on stage. While Jakes’ vocal ability is unquestionable, at times his lack of stage presence and desire to own the stage are noticeable. A faultless vocal and instrumental performance from Lonely The Brave, but perhaps not best suited to warming up the crowd for the energetic Mallory Knox.

Mallory Knox

mallory knox

Image: YouTube

The crowd wait in anticipation for the main event, Mallory Knox, to take to a now pitch-black Koko, other than the illuminated MK signs on the stage. The crowd erupts with jubilation as the boys take to the stage and the unmissable intro to ‘Giving It Up’ begins.

The Cambridge-born boys do what they do best, riling up the crowd with energetic frontman Mikey Chapman‘s infectious enthusiasm, delivering guitar riffs to die for, and playing belter after belter. Classics like ‘Getaway’ have the whole of Koko screaming their hearts out in unison, while gems like ‘Beggars’ and ‘Dying To Survive’ mean their is no shortage of mosh-pits on this sweaty, packed out night in Camden. Powerful tracks like ‘Falling In Love’ and ‘When Are We Waking Up?’ leave the crowd in awe of both Mikey and Sam’s vocal ability, and the crowd demand more when the band leave the stage.

As the boys make their way back out for the encore, ‘Lighthouse’ kicks in, and the whole of Koko shakes as the crowd go crazy. Not stopping for breath, the boys finish on ‘Better Off Without You’ and not a single body is either still or silent. It feels like this gig was monumental for Mallory Knox, and they smashed it out of the park, as they continue to go from strength-to-strength. The fact the boys come across so humble and down-to-earth makes this band even more special and deserving of the success they receive.

What a night.


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