REVIEW: Blood Youth – Beyond Repair

blood youth beyond repair

Harrogate triplet Blood Youth have been causing a ruckus since 2014. And with three EPs under their belt, the band are back, and ready and willing to make some more noise with their debut album Beyond Repair.

Now, if brutal riffs, heavy vocals and lyrics dripping with aggression and anguish aren’t your thing, this album and Blood Youth definitely are not for you.

Heavy opener ‘Making Waves’ glides effortlessly between vicious vocals and melodic harmonies, while ‘Savanna’ remains forceful throughout, and dominates with a thick, rapid chorus. Elsewhere, groovy hooks and violent vocals fuel ‘Parasite”s auditory attack.

Another gem on the album is the headbang-inducing ‘Bless’, which is smoothly broken up by the use of tuneful, clean vocals. The song has the classic hardcore make-up, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less intense or kickass. Among these slickly balanced tracks are those that forsake the clean vocals altogether like the closing track ‘Man Made Disaster’. The frantic, disorientating song drifts into a vibrant, ambient instrumental highlighting just how unpredictable and dynamic Blood Youth can really be.

The intense, yet seamless, blend of earth-shattering hostility with euphonious melodies is present throughout Beyond Repair. The album is everything you’d expect to hear from a band like Blood Youth. And you know what? It’s pretty great. Beyond Repair is an intense collection of songs that are equal parts intricate, bold and ferocious.

Beyond Repair by Blood Youth is out now via Rude Records.


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