REVIEW: He Is Legend – Few

he is legend

Three years since the release of their last studio album, hard rock outlet He Is Legend are back with their latest album, Few, to wow us with their hard-hitting lyrics and scorching solos yet again. As the band’s fifth album release over their thirteen-year career, it’s an impressive culmination of work that shows off the band’s signature heavy style combined seamlessly with more experimental new sounds.

Opening track ‘Air Raid’ seems to have a slow start, but the hint of guitar building up in the background tells us that there’s definitely something more to come. The mournful lyrics build up like the instrumental, preparing for the chorus’ all-out energy that paints the scene in (literally) screaming colours. It’s a powerful way to kick off the album, and with its killer riffs and infectious rhythm it could be a sure-fire live hit.

This is followed by standout riffs and thrashing drums on ‘Sand’, an intricate track that encompasses the band’s post-hardcore and grunge influences. Searing guitars accentuate pain and desperation of the lyrics left ringing in your ears. If creating ‘legend’ is what this band are about, you can bet that this song fits the brief!

By and large, the band stick to their hardcore grunge style, making this album full of powerful standout tracks, including ‘Alley Cat’, with off-beat, distorted riffs to throw you off and an infectious swing rhythm. Our favourite track has to be the distinctly contrasting ‘Gold Dust’. This track combines unique percussion with a classic rock-style guitar and melodious lyrics that beautifully tell a story. ‘Gold Dust‘ really pushes the envelope of what we expect from a hardcore group; the change-up makes perfect sense and there’s an incredibly depth in its exploration of lyrics.

Closing out on the intense and downright theatrical ‘The Garden’, this album is sure to leave you with a lasting impression crafted over six minutes of pure raw power. After a listen to He Is Legend’s latest efforts, you’ll find more than a “Few” reasons to come back!

Few by He Is Legend is available 28th April via Spinefarm Records.


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