LIVE: Blood Youth / Loathe / Holding Absence

When: 10/04/17
Boston Music Room, London

Holding Absence

Holding Absence are the first band to take to the stage tonight, and a lot of people have started their Monday night early by coming down to see them. Frontman Lucas Woodland displays raw emotion as he sings through singles ‘Dream Of Me’ and ‘Permanent’ – we are also spoilt with a couple of new songs that we hope to hear on the debut EP too. As their set draws to a close, members of the crowd are up front and centre screaming the lyrics and we’re exhausted. From watching the band put everything they have in to the performance, the appeal and captivation they hold over an audience, you’re guaranteed to have a good night.


Next up are Liverpool-based conceptual band Loathe. As they enter the stage with their heads bowed, lead vocalist Kadeem France appears from the audience to join his band on stage, complete with a mask. With their album The Cold Sun out in just a few days, we are treated with both old and new songs. Mosh pits are bursting from the crowd within seconds of them playing, as the temperature starts to rise. The crowd chants ‘Loathe As One’ over and over again with France, taking a stand against negativity. With new music coming on the scene from Loathe, we’re excited to see what’s next for them – but they definitely got the crowd warmed up for the headline act.

Blood Youth

It’s time for the headliners of the night, Blood Youth, as we celebrate the release of their debut album Beyond Repair. The room has suddenly got more and more packed as the members make their way to the stage, kicking off with a new song from the album, ‘Making Waves’. Lead vocalist Kaya Tarsus orders the crowd to open up a circle pit and the crowd don’t disappoint, going all out to fill the small room with energy as we hear mouth-watering riffs and melodies.

We hear numbers from previous EPs such as ’24/7′ and ‘Dead Space’, as the crowd belts out the lyrics. Tarsus climbs on to the crowd from the stage, absorbing the energy and loving every minute of it!

The set finishes with new track ‘Parasite’, and you can see smiles the band’s faces as the night draws to a close. The crowd look satisfied with the set tonight, and as their last show for their debut album release London definitely did not disappoint. It’s a night to remember for both the band and the crowd to celebrate such a huge milestone in their career – we hope to see them on the road soon.


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