REVIEW: Soldiers Of A Wrong War – Countdowns

countdowns soldiers of a wrong war

We grabbed the opportunity to check out Countdowns, the new album from Italian alternative rock quartet Soldiers Of A Wrong War.

Album opener ‘Deep Impact‘ really gives a rock vibe from the second it starts. The track has a sound that fans of their previous work will be familiar with, which seems like a great way for them to hold onto their fanbase while adjusting to a few changes. ‘Clocks‘, for example, is definitely going in a different direction. It’s an extremely powerful track, through both lyrics and the musicality; with its quirky into, our attention is drawn into the song.

One of our personal favourites is ‘In Our Skin Again‘, which again takes on an entirely new sound; we only pause for breath at the end, which we feel might be dragged out a little – but we still reckon it’s some of their best work!

Many who have listened to Soldiers Of A Wrong War before will, like us, probably have fallen in love with the seemingly edgy sound and strong Thirty Seconds To Mars influence that carries on into this album.

This album is definitely a step in a new direction for the band. They’ve stuck to their guns with hints of their original vibe, but every so often they introduce a touch of something new. We still think there could have been more development into making this record even better than it is.



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