INTERVIEW: Blood Youth


Image: Promo

We recently caught up with Blood Youth just before their London album release show, following up their debut release of Beyond Repair. We talk all about reaching this huge landmark and the blood, sweat and tears that went into it!

Hi guys! So tonight is the final show of your run of album release shows, how has it been going?
It’s really cool, we love playing in London. We’ve done a lot of support stuff in London, so we never really know what to expect with headline shows… but y’know, should be cool, hopefully!

How’s the response to your album been so far?
It’s been crazy! I’ve said it in a couple of interviews, but I’ve never seen our social media to blow up like that before, it was just crazy. But I’m glad people like it, it’s really cool.

How are you feeling now you have your debut release out?
: It’s pretty scary.. but yeah it’s good.

Why do you feel it’s scary for you guys?
It’s just a huge landmark, it’s a huge point in your career as a band. You’re putting new music out, personally I think it’s a scary thing. Especially when we’ve had it for so long… but it’s really cool.

What sort of themes can fans expect to hear this album?
: It’s just really angry, it’s a really aggressive album. But that’s what we wanted to do. We could have done something quite melodic, but it has got melody in it. I’ve read a couple of reviews where they’re just like “Oh it’s just full on shouting and screaming”, but what about the melody, y’know? There’s some big choruses in there, but when we started writing and putting it together we just wanted to make and angry and aggressive album, so that’s what we got really.

You’ve also released a new music video for ‘Reason To Stay’, have you had a good response to that? And did you have much input making it?
: The response has been really cool. We have a lot of input from our managers, but a lot of it is our own ideas. We say “Why don’t we try something like this, or try something like that?”, so it’s cool that people really like it. It was cool when we filmed it because it’s just that room that we’re playing in in the video, and that’s actually where we rehearse, it’s just a rehearsal studio. We put all these black sheets up and we got friends to come and be in the video so it was really cool.

If you had to choose, what would you say is your favourite song to play live from the new album?
What’s yours?
Chris: ‘Parasite’, definitely ‘Parasite’ so far.
Sam: To play live? ‘Savanna’ – but I have too much work to do.
Kaya: I’m going to say ‘I Remember’, I think that’s the one.

Why’s that?
: It’s just really fun, it’s a really hardcore song. People can go mental… but so far we’ve only played it twice!

Who are your major musical influences when writing music, especially for this album?
: Chris is really influenced by Iowa-era Slipknot. I’m always going to be influenced by Every Time I Die and bands like that, especially writing-wise. I guess we try and bring as many influences in as possible. But whatever we do we get compared to Beartooth it’s okay as we’re friends with them, so that’s alright. Plus they’re a sick band so it’s kinda cool to get compared to a good band! But I love bands like Every Time I Die, so you can hear stuff like that in it. There’s noises that Chris put in it where you’d think Iowa so that’s cool.

You’re playing some big festivals this year- Download Festival, Fat Lip, and you’re also going to Belgium for Groezrock- are you excited to play some festivals?
Yeah it’ll be really cool, especially Download. Download will be really, really cool! We played there two years ago and we had only been a band for three months, so it’s going to be cool to see how much we have developed as a band within that time and see the crowd. When we first played there no-one knew any of the songs or anything like that, so it’ll be interesting to see the response this time.

Do you prefer playing festivals or your own headliners?
I would probably say our own show. I love festivals, but festivals can be quite hard because a lot of people are seeing you for the first time so you have to win round some people.


Image: Drop This / Jasmine Marceau

Are there any London venues you would particularly love to play in the future?
Wembley. Straight up. That’s my honest answer, one hundred per cent. I’m always going to say Wembley. We always want to play the best venues. We love playing academy shows, they’re always really cool, we haven’t played loads of them – just a few. We played Islington a while ago. But I want Blood Youth to one day play Wembley!

Are there any bands you’d love to tour with?
I really want to play with Deftones, I think that would be really cool.
S: I like a bit of Stick To Your Guns, that would be good.
K: Luckily we’ve played with some of our favourite bands already, such as Architects and Every Time I Die, we’ve played with Beartooth, we’ve recently played with While She Sleeps just a few months ago. So we’ve been really lucky on that front, but bigger bands wise we’d love to play with bands like Slipknot. Chris loves Slipknot and bands like that.

When it comes to the music industry, do you think social media is now an essential part of being a band?
Oh yeah, one hundred per cent. We get messages from people in the Philippines and Thailand, and they wouldn’t have heard of us if it wasn’t for social media. So there’s reaching new fans and streaming our album online and everything like that.

Do you agree with giving out music for free, like streaming services and free downloads?
: It’s a tough one, as I can speak from being a fan and as a musician. Because I know how much work we put into this album, literally blood, sweat and tears – there were moments when there was crying. Writing and recording everything, so sure, to get some profit from that is cool. But the way the industry is now, everything is for free, movies are for free. So you just have to roll with it and take it as it comes.

You can check out Blood Youth here.


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