Perfect Songs to Get You in the Mood for Spring Time!

While the unstable weather may not prove it, spring has truly sprung; we’ve got new music as well as new life, and festival season is just around the corner. To celebrate, we’ve put together this list of alternative tracks that are sure to put you in the springtime spirit!

Always Where I Need To Be – The Kooks

This 2008 indie pop hit was always used in soundtracks to represent the happier moments of TV shows and movies, and it’s not hard to see why. With its cheerful, upbeat guitar riff and incessantly catchy chorus and hook, this song is sure to put a little sunshine in your Spotify playlist!

Aristocrat – New Politics

Aristocrat‘ may not be the most well-known song by Danish pop-punk outlet New Politics, but it’s a three-minute blast of energy that stands as a hidden gem in their most recent album, Vikings. The upbeat instrumentals and huge percussion combined with the more melancholic lyrics make a lively track to elude to the bridge between winter and summer.

Waste A Moment – Kings Of Leon

The link between this anthemic radio favourite and the season of spring might be a little difficult to get at first – the lyrics don’t really indicate much about the springtime at first glance. However, the track’s build-up can’t help but remind you of the buzz people start to feel in the months before they’re freed from work for a summer of adventure.

Southern Wild – Honeywater

Okay, so this is more alternative folk than alternative rock, but bear with us… Most of the tracks on Honeyeater’s self-titled EP, including ‘Evergreen‘ and ‘7 Hours Ago‘, carry a sort of wistful guitar-by-the-campfire sound to them, and none better encapsulate this feeling than ‘Southern Wild‘.

Ocean of Noise – Arcade Fire

Ocean of Noise‘ is a change from Arcade Fire‘s heavier tracks, but it’s just as effective. The song’s understated, low-key feel and soulful vocals are indicative of a calmer season before the excitement of summer.

Pretty Little Distance – As It Is

The overall message of this pop-punk track is “Let’s just sit back and watch the world’s events unfold, shall we?“, and really, what’s a better summary of the spring season? Relaxing in a rare patch of sun, witnessing our surroundings change; it’s everything we love about springtime.


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