Review: Daisyhead – In Case You Missed It

daisyhead album

Nashville rockers Daisyhead were near the point of breakup when their new album In Case You Missed It was born. Not to sound too shitty, but we love when that happens! And no, it’s not because we’re huge assholes (though we sometimes are…) – it’s because these are the kinds of trials and tribulations that allow a band to create unrestrained and authentically. But is Daisyhead’s authentic sound a good one? We’re about to find out.

Opener ‘Hold The Door’ is a thick, ambient instrumental ballad, with lyrics only accounting for (almost) a minute of the track. The other 2 minutes and 50 seconds is pure sublime instrumental. The song is an ode to ’90s alt-rock and bears a resemblance to something out of post-hardcore band Finch’s discography. The moody ‘TV Song’ is laced with these same ’90s alt-rock vibes—though used more sporadically.

‘Bodies’ features big, spacey, Death Cab-esque verses. The song, which is quite light throughout, remains tuneful and vibrant but still has its punchy alt-rock moments thanks to the pulsating drums and upbeat riffs. Elsewhere, ‘Ready For The World’ showcases a gentle acoustic side of the band.

Title track ‘In Case You Missed It’ begins with an understated, delicate strumming and soft indie-rock vocals. The song is an instant favourite. The contrast of the gentle vocals and intricate, moody riffs has the listener hooked after the first play.

‘Common Ground’ is driven by bright, clean riffs, whereas ‘Don’t Feel Bad’ is propelled by its poignant lyrics and emotional message. Elsewhere, second to last track ‘Dark Circus’ features a slow, sadder sound with a surprisingly uplifting message: “Throw your worries out the door / you’ve got time on your side.”

In Case You Missed It is a beautifully constructed album. It’s a release filled with intricate, and at times overwhelming, instrumental work, feathery light vocals, and moody, painful undertones. Daisyhead has proven something that all us emos have known forever, something that has stood the test of time: out of hardship comes great experience… and great music.

In Case You Missed It by Daisyhead is released on the 28th April via No Sleep Records.


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