REVIEW: Halflives – Empty Rooms


You’d better buckle up as Halflives take you on quite the ride with their debut album Empty Rooms. The Italian pop-punk five-piece crowdfunded this album, spent 18 months working on it, and the result is eight pop-punk anthems that show exactly why there’s such a buzz around the band right now.

First up on the album is ‘Lone Wolf’, a track with an empowering vibe and anthem-like chorus. The lyrics are sharp and its meaning of tackling problems in life on your own is both clear and relatable. Next on Empty Rooms is ‘Mayday’, and the track once again showcases Halflives’ ability to pen a huge, infectious chorus, in between verses that will relate to all who listen.

‘Burn’ is bursting with raw pop-punk energy, and you’re a stronger person than myself if you’re not singing along at the top of your lungs after a few listens. ‘Echo’ has a new-era Bring Me The Horizon feel to it, and that is meant as extremely high praise. Empty Rooms slows down a little with ‘The Sickness’ initially, but don’t be fooled, as it kicks back in with the same energy and enthusiasm that runs through the whole album from start-to-finish.

‘Half-Alive’ is yet another example of pop-tinged melodic punk; its infectious chorus will be in your head for a little while after listening. The penultimate track of the album is the title track, ‘Empty Rooms’, and it’s an emotive, raw number dealing with heartache. Linda Battilani‘s vocals are incredible in this song, as they are across the whole album, and that’s no different for album closer, ‘Collide’.  The final track is as downbeat as the album gets, brimming with emotion and self-reflection. Even when Halflives pen a downbeat song, it’s still difficult to imagine anyone able to resist the urge to sing along, with a few air grabs thrown in for good measure.

Empty Rooms doesn’t stray too much in terms of its sound, sticking to its roots of emotion, reflection, and life experiences. However, it does so with energy, incredible instrumentals, and breathtaking vocals. It’s a great debut album from a band who we’re sure we’ll be seeing much more of.

Empty Rooms by Halflives is released on 14th April 2017


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