Spring Clean Your Spotify – 5 New Bands Who Should Be On Your Streaming Radar!

We appreciate that as music fans, loyalty is important. Sometimes this loyalty means listening to the same few artists and albums on repeat over and over, but we’re firm believers in broadening your music horizons. Here are just five bands that you might not be familiar with, but you definitely should be! So open up your Spotify, Apple Music, or whatever music streaming subscription you’ve opted for, and get ready for some sick new bands in your life.

Away Days

Anyone who was a fan of the wonderful band Blitz Kids will recognise some familiar faces in this band we’re recommending. Away Days is made up former Blitz Kids’ Jono Yates, Matt Freer, and Nic Montgomery, so it’s safe to say that this new band are no strangers to the music scene. The boys released their self-titled debut EP last year, and it was bloody brilliant. The EP largely focuses on the topic of mental health, but does so with infectious melodies, lung-busting choruses, and without taking itself too seriously. Following the release of another single at the end of 2016, the band announced that they will be releasing their debut album this year. They might not have too many tracks so far, but that just means there’s no excuse not to learn their back catalogue word-for-word before they burst onto the scene with their album soon. Check these boys out!


We were lucky enough to catch Fatherson with Mallory Knox at London’s Koko, and they’re all we’ve been listening to since! The Scottish trio are unbeatable when it comes to taking you on an emotional rollercoaster of a journey like they do with their wonderful track ‘Chasing Ghosts’. Don’t misconstrue though- they are by no means a ‘sad’ band. Their tracks are infectious, get a crowd moving, and you’ll want to sing your heart out as soon as you know the words. The boys have released two albums already, and are tipped for big things. Check out their 2016 release Open Book, and we promise you won’t regret it!

Trash Boat

After signing with Hopeless Records, the St Albans five-piece released their debut album Nothing I Write You Can Change What You’ve Been Through last year. If you’re unfamiliar with the band, we think it’s about time you changed that. The boys have a rawness to their songs, with sharp, vicious lyrics, and don’t get us started on the guitar or drumming throughout the album; it’s to die for. The track ‘You Know, You Know, You Know’ is as hard-hitting a song as you’re likely to find, showing the boys aren’t afraid to tackle sensitive subjects in their song-writing. Trash Boat know how to put on a live show too, so we suggest brushing up on their songs, and keeping an eye out for some tour dates from them.


Pop-punk outfit ROAM hail from the south coast of England, but their reputation is growing worldwide. We were lucky enough to see them nail their supporting slot for Lower Than Atlantis on tour recently, and we’ve seen them treat festival crowds to explosive sets before; we’ve never been disappointed in what we’ve seen. The boys have energy in abundance, their songs are contagious, and they’re the perfect band to bring into your life. Frontman Alex Costello‘s vocals are fantastic, and songs like ‘Tracks’ and ‘Tell Me’ are perfect examples of that. They’re about to head out on tour in America supporting As It Is, so we definitely think you should start listening to them if you want to be one of those fans who ‘liked them before they got huge’.

The Gospel Youth

The pick of the bunch for our five new bands you should be streaming are the magnificent Gospel Youth boys. Following a hugely successful year of crowd-funded monthly single releases, the four-piece signed with Rise/Velocity Records at the start of 2017 and have been busy writing and recording their debut album ever since. Their songs are heartfelt, catchy and everything you need in your life to get you through the darker days. The Gospel Youth are brimming with talent, with Sam Little a fantastic frontman, Kurtis Maiden a superb drummer, Julian Bowen and Kevin Deverick immense guitarists, but more importantly they’re the most humble, down-to-earth bunch of guys around. Their fan-funded 2016 campaign created a sense of community, known as #TeamTGY, and we recommend you join the family and be a part of their hotly-tipped bright future. Oh, and their Twitter feed is hilarious…

So stop listening to your iPod’s 25 most played songs and introduce some fresh new bands into your life. We promise you won’t regret it! What are you waiting for?


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