REVIEW: Deez Nuts – Binge & Purgatory

deez nuts binge purgatory

Deeeeeeeeeeeez Nuts. Two words that, for some inexplicable reason, pretty much became THE phrase of the internet for a long time. Two words that also make the name of one of Australia’s premium hardcore outfits. We pretty much universally prefer the latter of the pair, partly because the band are awesome and partly because we STILL DON’T F***ING GET WHAT IS MEANT TO BE SO F***ING FUNNY ABOUT THE F***ING VIDEO! F***!

Back with brand new album, Binge & Purgatory, Deez Nuts aren’t messing around when it comes to keeping their hardcore credentials intact, with thirteen tracks of testosterone-fuelled, no-nonsense, aggressive noise. In fact, the only track that isn’t made up of blasts of chunky guitars and shouting is ‘Binge‘, the opening thirty-one second track, with it’s main purpose being to build up to the opening of the relentless onslaught of anger.

Commas And Zeros‘, a track found rather early in the album, is the pinnacle of what this offering brings to the table. It’s loud, it’s shouty, it’s sweary and it’s full of rage-soaked lyricism, a song for the lethal dangers of the pits. It’s one of the two slices of this musical pie that really stand out, but even then, it doesn’t stand out particularly poignantly.

An old saying comes to mind: ‘you can have too much of a good thing’. Deez Nuts have most certainly got a good thing going here, but after a while, a small moment of calm would of been welcomed. Hell, it could have even made things feel or the more brutal. A moment of serenity before returning to the absolutely brilliant shit-storm going down perhaps?

Not until the end is there any change of pace in any real sense until finale ‘Do Not As I Do‘, which seems to take on a decent dose of old school punk rock, doused in a good lashing of the heftier stuff. There’s almost a Black Flag vibe going on at times and my god, it’s rather tasty!

So, in summary, is this album worth your hard earned cash and a place on your speakers? Well, if you like your hardcore with no frills, trimmings or other bullshit, then it is essential listening. For everyone else though, try before you buy. This ain’t for the faint of heart.


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