Artists We’d Love to See Starring in the West End Stage

Recently Brendon Urie announced he’s set to join the cast of Kinky Boots on Broadway, and we think it’s amazing! It led to us wondering which other musicians we’d love to see try something similar, and these are some of our ideas…

Gerard Way – Willy Wonka in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory: The Musical

The former My Chemical Romance frontman, and now successful solo artist, is the perfect fit to play the quirky, loveable Willy Wonka. Gerard Way oozes charisma, and has a kind of awkward, endearing oddness about him which we think would make him a huge success on Broadway. He’s not a bad singer either…

Hayley Williams – Mrs Lovett in Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Paramore‘s delightful Hayley Williams would be rad in a musical, we’re sure of it. Hayley’s ever-changing style, and her adaptability to different music genres, mean she could nail a wide range of roles. However, at Drop This, we’d love to see Hayley take on the dark, sinister role of Mrs Lovett in Sweeney Todd. Channel your inner Riot! again, Hayley, and make it happen!

Rod Diamani – Rocky in The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Don Broco‘s charismatic frontman Rob Diamani is flawless vocally, and his style would perfectly suit Dr. Frank N Furter’s creation, Rocky, and his epic song ‘Sword Of Damocles’. Rob’s physique means he’d definitely fit the part, and we don’t think he’d have an issue with confidence when it came to wandering the stage in just a tight pair of golden pants.

Tay Jardine – Velma Kelly in Chicago

SAINTE front-woman, Tay Jardine, formerly of We Are The In Crowd, has been kicking ass for years, and she’s everyone’s favourite female bad ass in the pop-punk genre. We think she’d nail the role of murderous Velma Kelly vocally, and she’d look incredible too!

Patty Walters – Link Larkin in Hairspray

The infectiously-happy As It Is lead singer, Patty Walters, was made for this role and we won’t hear otherwise. Rarely seen without a grin across his face, charming fans, and bursting at the seams with enthusiasm and energy, Patty is already Link Larkin without even realising. Are you listening Broadway or West End? We’ve found your next Link for you!

Obviously we don’t want our favourite musicians to stop making records and touring, but we think it’s really refreshing to see someone as accomplished in his field as Brendon Urie is, pushing themselves out of their comfort zone. Seriously though, is there anything Brendon Urie can’t do!?


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