Bands We Wish We Were Cool Enough To Be In At Age 12!

It’s not every day that a rock band recruits a preteen to join them on stage—but that’s rock and roll for you: unpredictable and weird as hell!

Yep, we’re obviously talking about the recent news surrounding legendary metal band Korn. If you didn’t know, Korn recently enlisted the help of 12-year-old bassist Tye Trujillo, son of Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo, to complete their line-up on their South American tour. And you know what, he’s actually pretty incredible. Legitimately the coolest kid we’ve ever seen!

And this weird and wonderful turn of events got us thinking about ourselves at 12—it wasn’t pretty. We weren’t the Instagram generation; we were the emo swept bangs and scene makeup generation. But even we wished we could be cool enough to join a rock band. (We still do.)

Here are some of the bands we wish we were cool enough to join at 12 years old:


walk this way gif


Who wouldn’t want to join the ‘bad boys from Boston’ on stage? Aerosmith are the band that comes to mind when you think of real, greasy, longhaired rockers! They are the kind of band you fantasise about joining when you’re poorly playing ‘Smoke On The Water’ in your bedroom. Just imagine being 12 and rocking out next to Steven Tyler. That’s honestly the dream. Hell, we wish we could stand next to him now! We don’t even need to be in the band, we’d settle for just being a roadie!


slipknot gif


We’re sure it’s pretty much every rock/metal-loving kid’s dream to join such a rad, wild and influential band like Slipknot. The heavy metal 9-piece is the most brutal-looking band around. How could you not want to be a part of that?! Even at 12, we knew how gnarly those guys were. And we still really wish we were cool enough to share a stage with them, or just even be in their presence, but you know, such is life.

Jimmy Eat World

jimmy eat world gif.gif


We pretty much just want any excuse to be publicly emo (on a really grand scale). We loooooooove Jimmy Eat World. They really are one of the best and most underrated bands around! And, seriously, who wouldn’t want to be a part of the band that wrote ‘The Middle’ and ’23’? And ‘Sweetness’, and ‘Goodbye Sky Harbor’ – Goddamn they have such bangers! The younger generation just doesn’t know the true magic and pure, unbridled emo-ness of JEW! We really feel sorry for you youngins.


blink gif


If Mark Hoppus called us up and said, “Drop everything and come and play with Blink”, we’d do it in a heartbeat. Even if the next line was, “You’re not going to get paid”. BEING IN BLINK IS PAYMENT ENOUGH, MARK! Seriously, at 12, blink was everything. At 23, blink is still everything. Blink will always be everything. We would have loved to be on stage doing reckless pop punk jumping next to Hoppus and DeLonge at age 12. We’d love that now! Mark, Matt and I side-by-side playing the guitar (triangle for me), with Travis killing it behind the drum kit. What a life! Someone get me a goddamn spot on the next blink tour!!!


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