REVIEW: Silver Rose – Silver Rose

silver rose ep

Silver Rose is the new solo project of Carla Sariñana, known as co-founder and bassist of Mexican band Ruido RosaSilver Rose is the debut EP from this solo venture, highly influenced by shoegaze and dream pop and featuring the diverse bilingual talents of Sariñana. Originally self-released, Silver Rose recently signed to UK independent label Presana Recordings, which has seen a worldwide redistribution of the EP.

The EP opens with the first Spanish number, ‘Sueños de Amor’ and, with its strong drum beat and bass guitar, it’s definitely a catchy hook. We are met with soft, relaxed vocals, complimenting the smooth beat beautifully, perfect for a calm summer’s evening.

‘Take Me Home’ really showcases Sariñana’s love of the 1970’s style. With soothing vocals and strumming of chords on electric guitars, this track could be from the soundtrack of a classic ’70s movie. ‘I’m Alright’ is smothered in heartfelt lyrics and pure honesty which we find endearing. The vulnerability in this track is comforting to experience empathy within music.

The EP finishes on ‘Where I Left My Heart’, with more of a swing feel to the guitar melody. Sariñana’s lyrics are again very honest, even though it is generally quite a sad song, it’s still unbelievably catchy with its repetitive chorus. With the calming tone to her voice, she can make anyone feel relaxed by listening to her.

Silver Rose is a beautifully crafted debut EP. The tracks blend together, making the kind of music you can enjoy driving in the car with the window down, or just chilling in your room. It displays a genre of music not widely promoted, but shows that there is definitely a place for it in the music industry.

Silver Rose by Silver Rose is out now via Presana Music Group.


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