REVIEW: Rosen Bridge – Dreamcatcher

dreamcatcher ep

Describing themselves as ‘spiritually driven metal’, Welsh quintet Rosen Bridge are set to release their sophomore EP, Dreamcatcher. With their self-proclaimed aim to spread positivity through their music, we wanted to see if they could do it with this latest release.

The record kicks off with lead single and title track ‘Dreamcatcher’. The opening riff grabs you instantly and makes for an enjoyable start. Antony Jones’ vocals are crisp, clean and compliment the track’s heavy guitar melody. The use of two guitars help add dimension, particularly with the tune’s breakdown into guitar solos. Drums by Rowan Jack are continually strong throughout, making said breakdown pretty heavy, not to mention the rest of the song. ‘Hold On’ has a similar take, being yet another strong song full of guitar harmonies.

‘Never Grow’ begins a little more slowly, with gentle, light chords before the rugged distortion later breaks in. The verses in this track hear some softer vocals, contrasting to the loud chants nearing the end of the song which use group vocals with the rest of the band to create a much bigger, bolder sound.

Final track ‘Brand New’ is by far the record’s heaviest offering, and also the longest, topping out at five minutes. It kicks off with just drums and a little bass before we hear raw, screaming vocals and heavy, distorted guitars. The chorus is receptively catchy, bringing dynamic to the rest of the song as we hear a heavy breakdown with half time drumming and high note chords with low string bends. This track was definitely made for a crowd to rock out to at a gig!

Dreamcatcher displays plenty of diversity for just a four-track EP, which clearly shows the musicality that Rosen Bridge are capable of. There is room for development as they progress in the future, but this is a solid sophomore release, and we can’t wait to hear what they do next!

Dreamcatcher by Rosen Bridge is released on the 12th May via self-release. 


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