Hayley Williams Has Successfully Reinvented Herself Once Again – Here’s Why That’s Important for Women in Music

Hayley Williams.

When we hear that name, we think of crazy hair colours, a woman who isn’t afraid to say what she thinks and probably the most influential female musician in the pop-punk scene. Hayley, the pop-punk princess, has not failed to reinvent herself once more with the release of Paramore‘s new single ‘Hard Times‘; she has exceeded our expectations. Although ‘Hard Times‘ has gone for a pop style and Hayley has opted for more of a pastel grunge look, it hasn’t disappointed us at all.

It’s important for bands to change up their style every now and then and, furthermore, it’s important for people to be okay with that. With Paramore, older fans are so used to hearing the pop-punk songs from the Riot! days and, even though they progressed into poppier territory with the last self-titled album, we still weren’t quite expecting Paramore to change their whole genre.

It shouldn’t be important for women (or anyone, for that matter) to feel they have to reinvent themselves just to fit in. In music, everyone and everything is unique in some way – if there was just one genre of music, it’d be a pretty boring world! Imagine just listening to one type of music for the rest of your life…

hayley gif fringe

Image: tumblr.com

At the end of the day, music is music. It has no limits! People shouldn’t have to reinvent themselves, and female artists should be able to be part of this world, warts and all. But for those who do want to try something different, even their most die-hard fans can’t stop them and there should be as much space to reinvent as there is to be yourself. Sometimes it’s definitely good to have a change, as shown with Paramore’s new song.

Hayley Williams has shown us once again that women in music can achieve anything and we should never be afraid to express who we are and how we feel. She proves that when you wake up in the morning you can choose to completely change direction (whether that’s musicality or hair colour!) and that’s totally fine; but you can also make a name for yourself just by, well, being yourself! We feel it’s very important for women who recreate themselves to be portrayed as unstoppable and powerful, instead of being judged, and that those in the media industry shouldn’t have to fall into stereotypes.

We can be ourselves or recreate ourselves if we want; the two aren’t exclusive, and none of this is a bad thing. It’s completely okay to experiment and try new things and, once again, Hayley has proven that with flawless grace and fearlessness.

Hayley Williams, we salute you!

hayley gif wink

Image: giphy.com



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