REVIEW: The Major Minor – Different Light

major minor album

Detroit pop-punk rockers  The Major Minor are about to release their signed debut Different Lights after recently been signed to Imminence Records. Having previously released two EPs themselves in the last two years, they’ve gained some recognition and are back with an exciting new release.

The EP kicks off with ‘Nowhere Fast’, building up synth and guitar before heading straight into the riffs. It’s a fast-paced, tight track to start the record that really shows the style of music they create – pure pop-punk. ‘Plans For Two’ takes a slightly lighter approach, stripping back the vocals of Dan Amaro a little. The guitar riffs are powerful, but without taking away from the vocals.

‘Painful Transparencies’ is the first track where we hear vocal harmonies from guitarist Berto Garcia, giving the song a new dynamic compared to the previous tracks. Having the two vocals definitely improves the chorus with its overlapping lines, turning the track into a much more interesting listen. ‘Old Ally’ bumps the energy up a notch, with its bouncy riffs and upbeat vibe – just what a pop-punk EP needs.

Next up is the title track ‘Different Light’, themed around not knowing what the future holds and friendships ending in that awkward teenage stage of life. The general feel of this number is uplifting, especially the the chorus: “I know this choice we made was right / We’ve found where we belong”. The EP ends with ‘Maps’, another strong pop-punk track. The vocals are particularly punchy, with impressive high notes in the chorus. It’s a catchy one, and the ideal track to end on as it’ll be stuck in your head – which we’re sure is their aim!

The Major Minor have worked hard on this EP, making sure they’re first signed release is a banger. They’re heading off on tour as they release Different Light, and we think this album will definitely gain them some fans on their travels.

Different Lights by The Major Minor is out 12th May via Imminence Records. 


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