Have Fall Out Boy Really Abandoned Their Roots with Their New Single?

Fall Out Boy. Surely one of the most legendary bands in modern music, right?!

We own all the CDs, we wear all the band merch and we’ve loved them since 2001 when they first started out; even with their exceptionally long song titles they won our hearts! However, even though we adore them and have been supporting them from day one, it seems that they have recently felt the need for a change. Patrick Stump, Pete Wentz, Joe Trohman and Andy Hurley, who make up this fantastic foursome, have changed things up and have gone from being an amazing American rock band to more of an EDM/dance genre with their new song ‘Young and Menace’.

The song begins with a very quiet intro, focusing on Patrick’s vocals along with a soft backing track; however, the drums then start kicking in and, by now, it’s beginning to sound pretty amazing. The pre-chorus (once again focusing on Patrick’s vocals) has a drum-based backing track. At this point we find ourselves really quite excited to hear the chorus, but it actually ends up just a little disappointing, mostly because it sounds nothing like something Fall Out Boy would do!

Are Fall Out Boy experimenting because they simply feel like they’ve provided the world with enough pop-punk by now? Their first four albums before hiatus certainly stuck to their initial soft punk rock roots, but their comeback in 2013 definitely hinted at something new, and their previous album American Beauty/American Psycho was much closer in sound to this new single than anything they have released before.

Or perhaps they have sold themselves out to become more popular with the younger generation? Let’s face it, pop-punk doesn’t have the same mainstream pull that it did back in the early ’00s, although it’s still popular with younger alternative fans. Maybe Fall Out Boy feel like they needed this change to stay current and move with the times, attempting to keep existing fans as well as gaining new ones. It’s an unlikely thought, but maybe bands such as Fall Out Boy see mainstream musicians as a threat and feel they need to change to become successful and to keep their careers going.

We aren’t saying that we absolutely hate ‘Young and Menace‘ and will never listen to it again, but we don’t particularly love it either. But we’re so used to hearing the same old Fall Out Boy, we never really expected them to come out with a something full of EDM or to change their genre completely.  Nevertheless, we still love and always will love Fall Out Boy – who could function in a world without them? We mean, it’s FOB!

fall out boy gif

Image: pintrest.com


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