REVIEW: Peaness – Are You Sure?

peaness album

Indie-pop trio Peaness have just dropped their brand new EP Are You Sure? Via Alcopop! Records.

The three-piece, hailing from Chester, have gained massive support from the likes of BBC 6 Music, Radio 1, Radio X, and several UK festivals—and for good reason! Their brand of upbeat and enthusiastic indie-pop is enough to make anyone smile and dance around a room in a flower-printed sundress!

Are You Sure? is a collection of catchy, cheerful tunes with massive indie-pop hooks and smooth, perfectly aligned harmonies.

First track ‘Oh George’ is an upbeat indie-pop/surf-pop dream. The bubbly guitar riffs and bright, energetic drumming gives the song the playful melodic groove we have come to know from Peaness. The feel-good track is so catchy and harmonious that you almost forget it’s a song about an idiot boy (George does sound like a bit of a prat, to be fair…)

‘Seafoam Islands’ has a moodier vibe, falling more on the indie spectrum of indie-pop. The sulky track has a very ’90s alt-girl vibe. Elsewhere, the bouncy ‘Same Place’ gets spirits soaring with its infectious, chirpy nature. The gentle, melodious vocals weave in and out of the vivid riffs and energetic flourishes. The song is just bloody wonderful!

The extremely indie-pop ‘Skin Surfing’ features everything good about the genre: moody undertones, angsty lyrics and offbeat embellishments. The song almost sounds like an angst-ridden emo version of Kim Wilde’s ‘Kids In America’. It’s pretty spectacular! The EP is rounded off with the light, tuneful ‘Ugly Veg’.

Are You Sure? is pure lively indie-pop goodness. There is no way you can listen to this EP and not smile, dance and attempt to sing-along. It’s infectious. It’s upbeat. It’s bloody brilliant! And Peaness possess something that is very rare in this day and age: charisma. The band are so interesting and magnetic. It’s hard (probably impossible) not to adore them immediately—we know we do!

Are You Sure? by Peaness is out now via Alcopop! Records.


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