REVIEW: Youth Killed It – Modern Bollotics

youth killed it album

Modern Bollotics is the latest album from Britpop band Youth Killed It, a five-piece London outlet who take pride in their irreverence of  growing up and getting what schools call a “real job” (as though art isn’t a real job!). After a series of successful EPs, the band are ready with Modern Bollotics, a full album of explosive tracks about the trials and tribulations of staying free and youthful in an overly stuffy and boring world.

The album kicks of with the brilliantly fun blast of energy that is ‘(Jean Claude) Van Mann‘. The title tells you what you’re going to get; a humour-filled set of lyrics that are cheeky and funny without being too childish. The guitar riffs are incredibly catchy and are reminiscent of the punk-rock style of early Arctic Monkeys tracks. It sets a tone of high spirits that is maintained throughout the album; this is clear with the next song ‘Popstar‘, a light-hearted critique of life as a young British lad. The lyrics are surprisingly intricate and intelligent; clearly the band aren’t over-reliant on their crowd-pleasing pump-up choruses to sell a record, although this feature shines through on almost every song.

The band’s sense of humour is shown quintessentially with the track ‘Molly‘. At first glance, it may seem like a song about a love-hate relationship with a wild girl, but at the bridge we learn that Molly is wild in a literal sense – she’s a cat. The band’s energetic sound combines with some of the funniest and quirkiest stream-of-consciousness lyrics in the whole album to make a thoroughly enjoyable track.

This album is a great example of comedy, youth, spirit and, of course, good ol’ Britpop. The band present themselves as people who are in the rock scene to enjoy themselves and hopefully have a laugh, and after this album we’d be happy to join them along for the ride.

Modern Bollotics by Youth Killed It is available 12th May via Rude Records.


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