REVIEW: Loom – S/T

loom album

Having a few years to perfect their sound and wanting to make a statement with their debut, Loom are finally here to release their self-titled first album. This release is full of short, snappy songs combined with an aggression that runs through each member of the band, with a touch of ’70s punk rock and ’90s grunge.

The album kicks of with ‘Lice’, a metaphor for someone to “get out my hair”, as the chorus repeatedly states. It’s filled with hard-hitting chords to get the message across, with raw and screaming vocals. ‘Hate’ has a slightly different pace as it adds some synth sounds to the melody throughout the verse, giving a much more dynamic sound. Here, we are also able to hear more natural vocals, with quite a deep, earthy voice.

‘Leopard’ is pure punk rock; it’s a catchy one that goes full-pelt throughout – no time to rest with this track! The synth solo nearing the end stands out from the rest of the song’s powerful chords.

‘Seasick’ displays a different vocal sound that we haven’t heard before. We experience high notes, spoken lyrics, and raw screaming all in one. It’s a style we don’t hear often, and with its punk vibe it’s a stand out on the album. ‘Bleed On Me’ has a Nirvana feel to it, which we definitely like, with a slow guitar solo before breaking in to the final strong chorus.

‘Nailbender’ is upbeat, powerful and fast paced. The energy continues in ‘Barbed Wire’, with repetitive lyrics that engrave themselves once you listen to this song. The album finishes with ‘Slowly Freezing Heart’, which takes a slower vibe. The guitar bends throughout the track make it sound mysterious and this, combined with the familiar raw vocals screaming heartfelt lyrics in the chorus, is an aggression you’ve got to be in the mood for.

Loom’s self-titled debut release definitely displays the hard work that they have put in to create it. Each song has its own message, its own meaning, and that’s what makes them stand out from one another.

S/T by Loom is out 19th May via Silent Cult Records.


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