REVIEW: Seasonal – Bloom

seasonal bloom album

Guildford punk rockers Seasonal have waited nine months to go back into the studio and bless our ears with new music, and now they’re back with their latest five-track EP, Bloom.

Let’s start with a real highlight; ‘Homeward’ is probably our favourite track from the EP, with a slower tempo than the other songs on the record. We can feel how it really reflects the theme of loneliness, it’s a song all about losing someone you truly loved and relied on, and everyone can relate to that feeling in one way or another. To us, that’s what makes it really stand out from the rest of the songs.

But let’s rewind and go back to the beginning – the EP starts off with the single ‘Certainty, and wow – they sure made our expectations high for the whole release and… They didn’t disappoint one bit! The album starts and finishes strongly, and has everything a punk rock fan could wish for. Throughout the album, we can hear amazing guitar riffs, fantastic vocals and pretty awesome drumming – let’s face it, Thickner rocks those drums! With poignant themes and a reckless punk abandon, this band is a perfect match for anyone who would call themselves a fan of the likes of Jimmy Eat World and Taking Back Sunday.

After a listen, we would be keen to recommend this short but sweet five-track EP to anyone. Honestly, we think we’re in love with Bloom and we absolutely can’t wait to see what Seasonal release in the (hopefully!) near future!

Bloom by Seasonal is released on 19th May via self-release.


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