REVIEW: Last Hounds – Old Dreams

last hounds ep

Birmingham hardcore crew Last Hounds have just released their sophomore EP Old Dreams. And like most hardcore bands, Last Hounds are all about channelling their aggression and angst into huge, energetic riffs and raw, passionate vocals.

The band’s debut self-titled EP, which was released in early 2016, was chock-full of punchy riffs and raw, passionate vocals, and Old Dreams is no different. Though following the a similar pattern to the first EP, Old Dreams shows the band’s maturity and growth.

One thing is for sure, though: the passion is still there. Kicking off the EP, ‘Listen (To Me)’ is a hardcore/hip-hop hybrid of a tune. The song features a dark, understated melody with steady drums and quiet guitar. The raw, spoken lyrics are at the forefront of the thick, sullen track.

‘DOA’ has one of the smoothest melodies on the EP. It’s gloomy. It’s tense. And half the time, we don’t really know where the track is going—and that’s why we like it! The vocals switch from passionate, melodious hardcore ones, to hip-hop-esque rapping. The song’s use of different musical elements is incredibly interesting.

Elsewhere, the punchy, fast-paced ‘Lay Me Down’ gives the EP a much-needed burst of energy. ‘Lay Me Down’ is the song that most resembles a typical hardcore track. It features thick, forceful riffs and carefully timed, chunky breakdowns.

And speaking of skilled breakdowns, ‘Murder Murder’ is another solid track on the EP. Featuring bold vocals, dynamic, catchy riffs and a groovy bass line, the song is passionate melodic hardcore at its finest. (The hip-hop twist is a nice touch.)

With their brand of hip-hop-infused punk, the band is keeping their music interesting for sure. Old Dreams is a solid EP from Last Hounds. And we’re really curious to see what they do next.

Old Dreams by Last Hounds is out now via self-release.


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