REVIEW: Tigress – Like It Is

tigress like it is

Essex rockers Tigress are back with their second EP Like It Is, coming off the back of  touring mainland Europe and the UK with Counterfeit. Their single ‘Give Me A Chance’ developed further recognition on BBC Radio One with Daniel P. Carter, but can the rest of the EP live up to the hype?

The EP kicks off, unsurprisingly, with ‘Give Me A Chance’, starting with guitar stabs and soft vocals by female vocalist Katy Jackson. Backing vocals in the chorus give more rich, stand-out layers to an already-awesome song. It’s a simple melody, but it’s filled with empathy – and we love that! ‘Power Lines’ sounds like it’s been pulled straight out of 1970s rock, with quirky guitar riffs and vocal distortion which gives it its own certain appeal. We can’t get enough of the strong drum beat throughout, and we challenge you to not tap your feet!

The EP continues with ‘Headaches’, with its strong opening riff making it probably the heaviest track on this record, along with powerful vocals and chest-pumping guitar. ‘Shockwave’ starts with a soft, finger-clicking beat, combined with more gentle end of Jackson’s vocal spectrum. If we were seeing this live, we’d be holding up our phone torches, and it really shows a different dynamic for the EP, especially with the heartfelt lyrics. The EP concludes with ‘Temper, Temper’, bringing the vibrant energy back up. The music is pretty dark with the way it is portrayed, but with a song called ‘Temper, Temper’ we’d expect that, right?  The track finishes an upbeat bridge before it grinds to a halt, ending with a powerful track.

Tigress have really developed their sound with the release of Like It Is. The EP displays the band’s different dynamics and sounds, keeping us on our toes when listening. But they’re packed full of energy that will only improve with experience, and we look forward to how they progress in the future.

Like It Is by Tigress is out now via LAB Records.



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