Bowling For Soup Release Acoustic ‘Punk Rock 101’


Image: Bowling For Soup

Like many of us, Bowling For Soup‘s ‘Punk Rock 101‘ may well have been a staple soundtrack to your teenage pop-punk days and, if so, you’ll be pleased to hear that the band are releasing the track once again. It’s ‘Punk Rock 101‘ – but not like you know it!

The new version of the hit single has been taken from Bowling For Soup’s latest album Acoustic In A Freakin’ English Church, a live recording of the band’s biggest numbers reimagined as acoustic tracks.

The acoustic version of ‘Punk Rock 101‘ has been released along with a live recording from the album’s DVD, which you can check out below:

Pretty cool, right?!

The release of this latest single comes just days ahead of Bowling For Soup’s headline performance at Slam Dunk Festival. You can catch them on the Fireball Stage at each venue from 27th-29th May.


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