3 Bands We Really Wish Would Just Get Back Together!

It’s almost always hard to hear that a band is breaking up—sometimes they suck so it’s okay. But 99 per cent of the time, it’s the bands that we adore and are dying to see live that decide to call it quits—these are the same bands that come to the UK every 10 years and then announce a final breakup tour in the USA!

It’s truly upsetting! (Some of our saddest breakup blows this year come from Yellowcard, Letlive. and Aerosmith.)

I mean, we have had some wins on the breakup front in the recent years. Luckily for us, blink-182 didn’t break up and they gave us their new album California instead—they are also touring in July, which is a major win for us British dudes. The Starting Line got back together; the very underrated and obscure ’90s band The Juliana Theory reunited. This is all good stuff, guys!

But since we are ungrateful emos, we like to focus on the negatives and the bands that have yet to reunite. So here are the main three bands we really wish would just get back together.

1. My Chemical Romance – Come on, we weren’t going to talk about bands we wish would get back together and not include MCR! This Black Parade-leading crew disbanded in 2013 and no one has really gotten over it. Every once in a while suspicious activity occurs in the My Chem camp and everyone immediately thinks the band are reuniting. Sadly, they are yet to do so. We just really want to bust out our red eyeliner and army jackets and hear ‘I’m Not Okay’ live again. Please, MCR. Please.


2. Led Zeppelin – It’s pretty fair to say that we would chop off a body part to be able to hear Zeppelin play live. They are one of the most influential and talented bands in the world. And we are lucky that they ever decided to grace us with their wonderful, trippy rock music! We don’t think a Zeppelin reunion is in the cards, but if we say it enough, maybe it will happen! Don’t mind us, just trying to will reunions into existence.


3. Something Corporate – If you claim you didn’t adore Andrew McMahon at some point in your life, you’re clearly lying. The man is a musical genius! And if you say ‘I Woke Up In A Car’ by Something Corporate isn’t one of the greatest songs ever to come out of our scene, you’re also lying. Something Corporate are one of those bands that all our other favourite bands love. They created some of our all-time favourite pop-punk/emo tunes, and we just really miss them! The band reunited in 2010, so that does give us some hope that they may reunite again—hopefully for good.
Side note: Shoutout to McMahon’s other band Jack’s Mannequin for also being radder than rad.


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