REVIEW: Patent Pending – Other People’s Greatest Hits

patent pending album

Pop punk quintet Patent Pending are back with the sixth album of their almost sixteen-year career. The record is the band’s first crack at a cover album, consisting of tracks old and new – how does it live up to their original albums?

Lead single ‘Spice Up Your Life’ seems a pretty strange choice of song for a pop-punk band to cover but, aside from the tonal contrast between the original and the band’s signature sound, lead singer Joe Pending has said the choice makes perfect sense and, after a first listen, we can’t help but agree! It introduces you to the album with a fun, upbeat vibe that we love.

Through creating a cover album, the band have the perfect opportunity to show off their eclectic tastes, placing a mashup of two 21st century EDM hits next to the aforementioned Spice Girls number. Chart singles as recent as Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’ are given a pop-punk coat of paint, and the hard-rocking grit in Pending’s vocals goes surprisingly well with the upbeat tone of ‘Livin La Vida Loca’. It’s probably our own secret fondness for the song that makes this cover so fascinating, but a little nostalgia never hurt anyone, right? The way it stays faithful to the original’s energy despite the genre switchup makes a lot of sense in a way we didn’t expect, but were thrilled to discover.

Another guilty pleasure track follows with the more recent track ‘All Time Low‘. The snarling electric guitars and the hard-hitting drums stand up well against the electronic instrumentation of the original, and the band’s positive party-style feel radiates through the track.

This record is very clearly a labour of love for Patent Pending, and is fun from start to finish; if you’ve got any negative expectations of a cover album, this one’s sure to regain your trust in them.

Other People’s Greatest Hits by Patent Pending is out now via Rude Records.


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