British Festivals Going Ahead as Planned After Manchester Attack – and We Totally Support Them

The whole world has heard about the horrific Manchester Attack that happened on Monday 22nd May 2017. Only minutes after the Ariana Grande concert finished at the Manchester Arena, a terror attack occurred with a suicide bomber, who blew himself up in the foyer, leaving 22 dead people and many more badly injured.

Some people, particularly concerned parents or frightened young children, might expect concerts and festivals to be cancelled; however, that hasn’t been the case. Except for some large events happening immediately after the attack being called off out of respect, most major venues and upcoming festivals have announced that they will be going ahead as planned. And guess what – we absolutely support this.

It gives the performers and attendees a chance to pay respects to those affected and also reiterate that we aren’t afraid of these sick people. If they were all cancelled, it would show weakness, it would show fear, and would make these people think they were winning.  The best thing we can do is to carry on going to festivals and gigs, and show our support for the victims of the attack and show how we unite against those who are trying to destroy the safe place that is live music.

We are not afraid. We totally support the decisions these bands and festivals have made.  They do say there’s no safer time to fly than after a plane crash, after all. Security will be taken very seriously at these events and people will want to make sure we look after one another and keep each other as safe as possible.

We will stand united and show our support for the victims and anyone that has been affected by this terrible event– in fact, we can all probably say that it has affected us in some way, particularly with music being very close to our hearts. For that reason, we’re happy that these events are still carrying on because we need live music, and we can’t let anyone take it away from us.


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