There’s Finally Sun In The UK! Check Out Our Summer-Inspired Playlist

It’s not every day that the UK gets warm weather—we’re lucky if it’s dry for a day! But when we do experience this kind of heat, we like to celebrate. How do you ask? By blasting our favourite summer-inspired rock tunes and eating an ice lolly… or 6.

The Maine – ‘The Sound Of Reverie’

Arizona emo group The Maine recently released one of the best albums of 2017, Lovely Little Lonely. The Maine is one of the most talented, experimental bands in the rock scene right now, and we adore them. LLL is filled with beautifully-crafted, melodious pop rock gems like this one. We have no doubt that this upbeat track is the perfect song to kick off your summer playlist.

Paramore – ‘Rose-Coloured Boy’

Every emo/pop-punk/pop-rock/alt-rock/pop-lover adores Paramore—hey, we even know some rap-lovers who like them! The legendary band has been making waves in music since 2005—always different, always brilliant. And after 4 years, the band has finally released their synth-pop, 80s-inspired fifth album After Laughter. ‘Rose-Coloured Boy’ is just one of the many bangers on the record!

Pale Waves – ‘There’s A Honey’

Some may know indie-pop newbies Pale Waves because of The 1975, but we know them because of this indie dream track right here! We cannot stop listening to ‘There’s A Honey’. Its upbeat, bubbly melody and smooth, dreamy 90s vocals are enough to put anybody in a chirpy summer mood.

Blink-182 – ‘Parking Lot’

90% of blink-182 songs are summer songs and ‘Parking Lot’ is definitely in that percentage. This pop punk banger is blink all over, and we’ve really been digging it ever since the deluxe version of California came out!

Broadside – ‘Hidden Colors’

Pop punk crew Broadside are no strangers to catchy melodies, huge, optimistic riffs and bubbly vocals. And their upcoming album Paradise is sure to be one of our favourites of the year! The LA-based crew aren’t as well known as they should be, but they are definitely producing some of the best tunes of the modern pop punk scene. Trust us, do not sleep on Broadside.

New Found Glory – ‘Party On Apocalypse’

Pop punk royalty New Found Glory are another band that make songs that sound like summer—and this punchy pop punk tune from their newest album Makes Me Sick is no different. We love you, New Found Glory. Thank you for all the jams.


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