5 Reasons Foo Fighters Still Kick Ass!

foo fighters

Image: Official Facebook

Following Foo Fighter‘s surprise single-drop of ‘Run’ last week, here at Drop This we’ve been reeling over Dave Grohl and the boys (even more than usual). After over two decades as a band they’re still blowing our minds, and here’s just five reasons why!

5) Do they ever make a bad record?

Often bands’ quality of albums dwindles over time, and you can forgive them for it; after all how many hits after hits can a band produce? Sometimes the albums merge into one, with a far too familiar sound, and it’s hard to differentiate their records. Not our Foo Fighters, though. As thing stand the Foo’s have 8 studio albums out, and there’s an absolute belter (or 10) on every single one of them. Every single one of them. Whether it’s ‘Big Me’ from their debut self-titled album, ‘Times Like These’ from 2002’s One By One, or ‘Walk’ from 2011’s Wasting Light, it’s difficult to disagree.

4) Arguably the greatest music videos around

If ever you’re feeling low, a guaranteed cure is to watch Foo Fighter’s music video of ‘Learn To Fly’ from 1999’s There Is Nothing Left To Lose. There’s something about that video which can brighten anybody’s day. Maybe it’s seeing Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, and Nate Mendel, wear costumes ranging from air stewardesses, to ‘fat’ costumes, or even Dave Grohl in pigtails? ‘Run’ is no different. The video focuses on some elderly folks raising hell, and it’s just fantastic. Oh, and Dave Grohl directed the whole video himself.

3) Sonic Highways

How many bands after 20 years as a band decide to totally change the way they write and record an album? Not many. That’s exactly what Foo Fighter’s did for 2014’s Sonic Highways. The album was accompanied by a TV series that followed the band as they travelled across 8 cities in the United States, and researched the history of music in each city, the social, political, and cultural influences on that cities music, and incorporated that into the album. Not only was it a brave move, but it was a successful one. The album was fantastic, the tv series was fascinating, and the band were still evolving after 2 decades.

2) There’s no show like a Foo Fighter’s show…

Whether you’re in the mood for a mosh pit, or a phone torch in the air, a Foo Fighter’s gig has it all. Energetic and raw from start to finish, they’re not shows you want to miss out on. I mean.. Dave Grohl broke his damn leg while performing. It all happens at a Foo Fighters concert, and that’s why they’re some of the biggest and best around. Yet every show feels personal. Dave talks to the fans as if he were playing at some rundown, shady bar, he laps up the atmosphere like it’s his first ever show, and you leave there praying it’s not your last.

1) The nicest guys in rock ‘n roll

Often you’ll hear musicians referred to as “the nicest guys in rock ‘n roll”, but unless they’re referring to Foo Fighters, I’m afraid you’re being lied to. Whether it’s heartfelt apologies for postponed shows after breaking legs, if it’s dropping by Christchurch, New Zealand to play a benefit concert following earthquakes, or if it’s inviting a Foo Fighters tribute band to play on stage with them at a surprise show at Brighton Concorde 2, these guys really are the most humble, appreciative band around.

Get ready for whatever Foo Fighters have next, because whatever it is you’re not going to want to miss it. Greatest band ever? They’ve definitely got to be in the running, for sure. Now go see how many of you still remember THAT ‘Monkey Wrench’ verse word-for-word, and tell me it doesn’t feel awesome screaming along to it. Long live Foo Fighters.



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