If You Don’t Know Sorority Noise You’re Missing Out – Here’s Why!

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Image: Official Facebook

After their recent appearance at the UK’s Slam Dunk Festival and after the release of their new album You’re Not As ____ As You Think, Sorority Noise have truly blown up in the emo/alternative scene. If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard them yet then we’re here to tell you why you should!

Who are Sorority Noise?

Sorority Noise are a four-piece alternative rock band from Hartford, Connecticut that have steadily risen to fame after the release of their first studio record Forgettable via the British based label Dog Knights Production in 2013. Since then the band have been an unstoppable force, releasing their third album You’re Not As ____ As You Think in March of this year. Whilst they’ve played the occasional show in the UK they have an infinitely large fan base in their native United States. Having recently completed a tour with Modern Baseball they’re currently on the road with Forth Wanderers. After the overwhelmingly positive reaction they received at this years Slam Dunk Festival it’s hard to imagine that it will be long before we see them back on this side of the pond. They’ve truly found a home on British stages.

What do Sorority Noise sound like?

Angst ridden lyrics paired with simple yet hard-hitting riffs make Sorority Noise an incredibly moreish band. Even though simple in premise their music offers a level of versatility not found by most bands in their genre. Lyrically their discography is packed with introspection and brutal levels of honesty. It shows how vocalist Cameron Boucher uses his work as a meditative process in an attempt to not only help himself but those around him. Whilst having the sound of other emo revival bands like Modern Baseball and The Front Bottoms, Sorority Noise prove that there’s still untapped potential for those that like their music with a tad more emotional complexity.

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