REVIEW: Donnie Willow – Exhibition

donnie willow ep

Scottish alt-rock trio Donnie Willow are releasing their new EP Exhibition and, man, they’ve sure jam-packed these four tracks! Brimming with massive riffs and bleeding vocals, Exhibition delivers magnitude far beyond its size.

Imagine the biggest, earthiest, meatiest rock bands of our time- Deftones, Biffy Clyro, Soundgarden, you get the picture. Now, squeeze their huge sound down into a miniature four-track EP and you aren’t far off what we hear in Exhibition. They’re going for stadium rock and, with anthemic riffs that could easily win over a festival crowd, Donnie Willow hit this target with ease.

Stuck’ introduces the record, greeting us to a band who have some serious meat on their bones; ‘Blessed Company’ isn’t afraid to take things one step further, delving into heavier post-hardcore territory with a shattering, brilliant balance of throaty screams and powerful, clean vocals.

The band’s experimental musicality is explored in ‘Toys’, with a melting pot of intricate instrumental melodies and impressive vocal runs which work exceptionally well together, making for intriguing, exciting listening. ‘I Still Remember’ rounds off the EP, again, with that enormous arena sound, reminding us even more of those aforementioned rock juggernauts, particularly those of ‘90s alt-rock fame.

Donnie Willow are no-frills rock ’n’ roll; they know what they’re doing, and they do it well. Exhibition is a mature collection of heavy hits from a young band who sound like they should already be playing venues beyond their years.

Exhibition by Donnie Willow is released on 9th June via Sunbird Records.


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