REVIEW: Pine – Pillow Talk

pine pillow talk

Dream-pop emos Pine are on the cusp of something with the release of new EP Pillow Talk; whether that’s musical exploration or a spiritual awakening we’re not quite sure but, whatever it is, we’re definitely on board.

There’s an awful lot going on in the short space this record allows. Singer Darlene Deschamps has a brilliant pop vibe to her vocal range and when layered over alt-rock riffs and a pre-teen emo angst, which we hear in EP opener ‘Dolya’, it brings to life a haunting sensation in what is, frankly, quite straight-forward alt-pop rock. However, following track ‘Viable’ is stripped of this ghostly exterior in favour of a punchier, bubblier feel, imitating the emotive yet upbeat creations of Jimmy Eat World.

Just as they have us in their grip, Pine seem take their foot off the gas and we feel ourselves begin to slip away. Their spark, something we’re just beginning to fall in love with, evaporates while they delve into serious shoe-gaze territory. They still deliver beautiful music with intimate warmth and emotion, but even ‘Jilt’, which regains the initial bounce we started to really enjoy with Pine, overplays the dream-pop when it just needs mere suggestion to muster up that gorgeous ambient atmosphere.

Pine have really caught onto some fantastic potential with the release of Pillow Talk. It’s got delightful touches of beauty which we imagine will only be enhanced and explored with future releases.

Pillow Talk by Pine is released on 9th June via No Sleep Records.


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